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24 - the last 3 episodes...what's gonna happen? (1 Viewer)

Dana Fillhart

Supporting Actor
Feb 8, 1999
Well, let me say that, despite some lame or unbelievable subplots and some typical-hollywood soap-operish bull in the latter half of the show, 24 has been an extremely fun ride this season. I am anxiously looking forward to this season's wrap-up; who knows, maybe we'll be treated to another season of 24 this fall (but I'm in the camp that hopes they keep the same format while bringing in a new main character and supporting cast).
Last week's Entertainment Weekly magazine had a blurb on 24, noting that three different endings were taped. While I'd love to see all of them on DVD if/when it comes out (it'd better be released as a full-season boxset, Fox!!), I really hope that they choose to air the one of the three that makes the most sense to the characters, and doesn't cop out on anything or fall back on any cliched soap-operish resolution.
What are your thoughts? How do you think this will all end? Will Hopper bite the big one this time? Will Kim get her come-uppance for her atrocious decision-making these past 21 hours? Will we learn what happened to the senator's aide who stabbed the Drazen brother -- or how about the status of said Drazen brother? What about the plane bombing and he woman who escaped and killed her partner -- will we learn what happened to her? Will the senator be targeted again in the next 3 hours? Will Jack Bauer escape unscathed? What will happen to his job at CTU once this is all over? How about Mason -- will he turn out to be a mole, or just another self-absorbed ass who cares only for his own hide? Will Terri's pregnancy be explained? What about the relationship with her more-than-friend from the restaurant? Was he killed by the sniper hired by the Drazen family? Will Nina turn out to be a mole, or will she finally act competently and/or professionally throughout one episode? ARE there any other moles in CTU? What will happen to the senator's family? Will Palmer get rid of that conniving witch of a wife, or stick to his principles and stay with her? How will his son and daughter cope with the death of Faragamo, and the media blitzkreig that they're about to go through?
I'm sure there are a hundred other questions that need answering. I'm hoping that most of them will be resolved in the next 3 hours...but I'm not holding my breath on that. Still, I expect it to be a very fun ride to the end, and will be watching it.
Fox, if you're reading this...keep the format the same for next year's season, please! And while you're at it, hire one or two well-respected script doctors to really go over some of the scenes -- with some minor tweaking, and listening to the criticisms here on the 'net, this show could once again be the best thing on television!


Senior HTF Member
Mar 6, 2001
I for one hope that Mandy-the-slutty-terrorist (as she is affectionately known) makes a return visit in series 2.

Michael St. Clair

Senior HTF Member
May 3, 1999
My guess is that the final mole is brainwashed and doesn't even know what they are doing.

My guess is that Nina is that mole.

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