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1960: Cinema's Greatest Year (1 Viewer)

Thomas T

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Sep 30, 2001
Everyone likes to talk about 1939 as the greatest year for movies (it's not, far from it even restricting it to Hollywood) but that's another thread). However, I defy anyone to name a year with more influential films, more artistic films and greater films than 1960 with many artists working at their peak. For your consideration, I submit the following list of 43 films:

1. Angry Silence (Guy Green) United Kingdom
2. The Apartment (Billy Wilder) U.S.
3. L'Avventura (Michelangelo Antonioni) Italy
4. Bad Sleep Well (Akira Kurosawa) Japan
5. Black Sunday (Mario Bava) Italy
6. Breathless (Jean Luc Godard) France
7. Brides Of Dracula (Terence Fisher) United Kingdom
8. Comanche Station (Budd Boetticher) U.S.
9. Cruel Story Of Youth (Nagisa Oshima) Japan
10 La Dolce Vita (Federico Fellini) Italy
11 Elmer Gantry (Richard Brooks) U.S.
12 The Entertainer (Tony Richardson) United Kingdom
13 Exodus (Otto Preminger) U.S.
14 Eyes Without A Face (Georges Franju) France
15 Flaming Star (Don Siegel) U.S.
16 Home From The Hill (Vincente Minnelli) U.S.
17 House Of Usher (Roger Corman) U.S.
18 Lady With A Dog (Iosif Kheifits) Russia
19 Late Autumn (Yasujiro Ozu) Japan
20 Little Shop Of Horrors (Roger Corman) U.S.
21 Magnificent Seven (John Sturges) U.S.
22 Never On Sunday (Jules Dassin) Greece
23 Peeping Tom (Michael Powell) United Kingdom
24 Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock) U.S.
25 Purple Noon (Rene Clement) France
26 Rocco And His Brothers (Luchino Visconti) Italy
27 Saturday Night And Sunday Morning (Karel Reisz) United Kingdom
28 Sergeant Rutledge (John Ford) U.S.
29 Shoot The Piano Player (Francois Truffaut) France
30 Sons And Lovers (Jack Cardiff) United Kingdom
31 Spartacus (Stanley Kubrick) U.S.
32 Testament Of Orpheus (Jean Cocteau) France
33 Thousand Eyes Of Dr. Mabuse (Fritz Lang) Germany
34 Time Machine (George Pal) U.S.
35 Tunes Of Glory (Ronald Neame) United Kingdom
36 Two Women (Vittorio De Sica) Italy
37 La Verite (Henri Georges Clouzot) France
38 Village Of The Damned (Wolf Rilla) United Kingdom
39 Virgin Spring (Ingmar Bergman) Sweden
40 When A Woman Ascends The Stairs (Mikio Naruse) Japan
41 Where The Boys Are (Henry Levin) U.S.
42 Wild River (Elia Kazan) U.S.
43 Zazie Dans Le Metro (Louis Malle) France

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