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    I'm putting this here as there has been a lot of amp purchasing lately and the subject has thrown out quite a few random questions on various threads.

    Radio Shack part numbers:

    273-1773...500mA 12VDC Adapter. $12.99
    273-1742...6" Power Leads Assembly. $1.99

    The second is for those who dont want to cut the connection plug off and strip the wires on the 12V adapter itself. You line up the connectors according to the chart on the Power Leads packaging (tip = +). Beware that the 12V adapter head itself is large and the polarized plug may require you to use an extension cord for the plug-in on the receiver's switched outlet.

    To save money, you can also use any adapter from old equipment like phones, very small appliances, portable CD players, etc. that you might have handy and which matches the 12V spec. from your amp. In this case you would simply cut off the connector end and strip the insulation from the +/- wires and attach to the trigger screws directly.
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    hello all,
    A cheap source for DC power paks is goodwill. They have bins full of DC convertors for old electronic equipment for $1-$3 each. Just by one, cut off the connector and connect it to your amp paying attention to polarity. Then just plug the DC convertor into the swtiched output of your preamp or receiver. Presto, poor mans remote turn on. Hope that helps.


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