“Snow” on my JVC multi-disc DVD player…

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Dan Hinson, Oct 16, 2003.

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    Dan Hinson
    O.K. Here’s my story:

    A few months ago, with the lights out in the living room, I noticed a very subtle “distortion” on my Mitsubishi 65” Widescreen HDTV while viewing a DVD on my JVC XV-FA900BK DVD Player. Granted, this distortion is barely visible, but is noticeable when the screen goes black, such as for opening or closing credits, or scene changes. The distortion can also be seen continuously in the “black bar” area on movies that are “wider” than 1.78:1, though it is subtle enough that you almost have to be looking for it. The distortion can best be described as a light “snow”: that is to say, it looks as if it is snowing. It consists of very tiny white dots that move diagonally across the screen.

    I first thought that this was some kind of interference, but ultimately dismissed that for the following reasons:
    The distortion only appears when the DVD player is in progressive mode. The snow in not present when the player is in interlaced mode.
    The distortion is not random, and is definitely patterned.
    I tried at least 3 different component video cables, all with the same results.
    Using the same primary component video cable plugged into the same television input, a different progressive scan DVD player (a Malata) produced no visible distortion.

    Needless to say, I came to the conclusion that the problem resided with the player, and was not a result of some other external interference.

    So, I took my player to my local “JVC authorized service center,” since the player is still under warranty for parts. I described the problem and they proceeded to keep my player for at least 2 months! During that time, the technician called me to ask a variety of questions, such as what kind of television I had, if the distortion could be seen using other video equipment, etc.

    They definitely replaced some components in the player, though admittedly, I do not recall which. Before taking the player home, however, the technician hooked up the player to a widescreen TV at the shop (a Loewe, I believe, around 30”-40” screen), and we viewed a couple of DVDs so I could determine if the distortion was gone. Admittedly, I could not see any. So, my bill was prepared, I paid them (in total) around $100 (for the initial estimate and labor), and then proceeded to take my player back home.

    As you may have already guessed by now, there was absolutely no change! The distortion is still present!


    So now what? Has anyone else had any problems with this player or other JVC players? Is this a design flaw? Should I contact JVC? (I will certainly be contacting the repair center, though I am not optimistic of the outcome).

    Advice or suggestions are appreciated.
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    The only time I've seen interference like that it has been produced by 2 things 1.) a computer near by. 2.) a microwave in use. Though admitadtly this is when watching something through the TV's tuner. Sorry this doesn't help but it could be some type of RF or EM interference.


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