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  1. lark144

    International John Huston’s “Moulin Rouge” Region B BFI Blu-Ray

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  2. Dick


    Time for me to clear shelf space and make a few bucks for new movies. I have a 100% rating on eBay and will post these there if they don't sell here, but I wanted to offer them first on a forum where they might be more appreciated. These are all like-new. Some have been released in Region A, but...
  3. JPCinema

    William Castle Collection- Volume 2 One title is Region B

    I just received the William Castle Volume 2 from Powerhouse/ Indicator. Until now all Columbia films have been region free. In Volume 2, 3 out of 4 are Region free except STRAITJACKET ( a much better looking blu ray) which is region B only. I wonder why?
  4. Dick


    I will keep re-posting this list as titles are sold. Prices include shipping. Payment via PayPal. Once payment is received, the disc(s) will go out immediately via first class. If you order any six (6) titles you may choose one of the following Blu-rays free of charge: SILENCE OF THE LAMBS...
  5. titch

    International Belle De Jour 50th Anniversary blu ray 4K restoration StudioCanal Region B

    I'm sure there are fans of this erotic masterpiece wondering whether the region B StudioCanal restoration is worth the plunge. I've just received my copy of StudioCanal's 4K restoration of Belle De Jour that was shown at Cannes this year. It's lovely - a comparison with the Criterion leaves the...
  6. Johnny Angell

    Colossus: The Forbin Project - Region B

    There are other threads about this movie, but that was for a German release. This is an English only release I ordered from First, without some restoration work, this is the best this film will look and it's very good. Good detail, colors don't look faded, audio is fine, though I...
  7. Sam Favate

    Blu-Ray Region Coding (question)

    I've seen a number of reviews that state foreign blu-rays aren't always region-coded, despite being labeled Region B or Region C. (One quick example: The Digital Bits confirmed that the German blu-rays of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, which list a region code on the package, are in fact...
  8. Panamint Cinema

    "Venus Peter" Region B Blu-ray

    Panamint Cinema is delighted to announced the first release to home entertainment of "Venus Peter". Directed by Ian Sellar in 1989 and shown the the Cannes Film Festival that year, "Venus Peter" tells of the magical life of a young boy growing up in remote fishing community. Set in Orkney it...
  9. Kyrsten Brad

    International The Secret Of My Success (1987), Region B Blu-ray.

    Well folks, finally got to view my newly-acquired Blu for The Secret Of My Success (1987). One of the two most well known (as far as I know) theatrical efforts from Michael J. Fox after his stunning success in Back To The Future (1985), the other being Light Of Day (1987). The Secret Of My...
  10. Viper

    Looking for a region B player for use in USA

    I'm looking for a region B player that can output 50hz content at 60hz, etc. and has a power supply compatible for American use. I hope the only option isn't PS3, since they seem to be discontinued and I despise the super slim top loader ones anyway. I'd rather get a PS4, but that's excessive in...
  11. Robert Harris

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Brick -- in Blu-ray

    Brick is an odd one. It was directed by Rian Johnson, apparently shot in 2003, opening at Sundance in January of 2005, after which it received a release by Focus, an arm of Universal. Somehow, it totally escaped me, but now catching up with it a decade later, is a good thing. Brick, which...