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  1. Herschel Frierson


    I finally will paint my media room in the next couple of weeks, my colors are as follow: 1)Celiling - Sherwin Williams - Tricorn Black - SW 6258 2)Walls - Sherwin Williams - Sommelier - SW 7595 However my question is that I have the option of adding a painting mural on the wall you see...
  2. Herschel Frierson

    What else should I add? To enhance my Man Cave

    Any ideas would be great, I am thinking about adding a platform if possible!!! Needing to paint the room dark, etc.
  3. Herschel Frierson

    HELP with my Home Theatre Project

    Current equipment: 100 Inch Screen EPSON 3020 3D Projector Denon Receiver DirecTV Samsung 3D Blu-Ray Harmony Smart Remote I need help on color scheme, Other accessories, any thoughts would be appreciated.
  4. A

    Issue with Sony Data Projector VPL-CS5

    Dear All I am new to this forum and obviously a problem brought me here. I can see this is a healthy platform to share the problem and get a good reply I have a Sony Data Projector VPL-CS5. I have been using it for the past 2 years. Now i am having a problem with its Screen projection. There...
  5. Dave Upton

    BenQ W1070 Projector Review - 3D DLP Under $1000!

    Well known for their high performing yet still affordable DLP projectors, BenQ’s most recent addition to their lineup is the W1070 – a 3D, DLP projector that turns many of the conventions of the projector market on their respective heads. While there are some definite limitations to the design...
  6. Gunman606

    Projector to light a 150" screen

    I have an under construction theatre dedicated room that measures 15.5' x 33' with 9' ceilings. No windows. I feel I have the room for the 150' screen so the question is do I have the budget to light it. I’ll keep all the décor in the dark green flat and or blacks to control light… I'm thinking...
  7. shawnMbrown

    Need advice

    I am sort of in a pinch and need help finding a cheap projector (under $1000 definitely, cheaper better) that can sit on a shelf near the ceiling 18 feet away from a 110" Elite Screen. Any ideas?