1. murrayThompson

    New AVR with Dolby Pro Logic II or similar?

    Can someone please tell me what "new" AV recievers of today have something that will anchor 2 channel TV audio to the centre channel like Dolby Pro Logic II does? I dont think Dolby Pro Logic II exists on new AV recievers of today am I correct? I would like to upgrade my old Denon AVR 4520 to...
  2. Sam Posten

    Apple 2020 iPad Pro owners thread. Your computer is not a computer

    Badass. Expensive but badass. Brilliant marketing too.
  3. P

    broken macbook pro A1502

    It wont start and not sure how to fix. Ive fixed many Desktops and a few laptops, but never an apple. This is my g/fs and she insists that she needs to bring it to official apple repair store. She dont have the money and wont anytime soon, so every few weeks she tries to turn it on and is...
  4. ENDEE666

    Hum issues hooking up Pro Audio (Crown) amp to Home Audio Receiver (Yamaha)

    Hello everyone. Hoping someone can help me solve an issue I am having. I am expanding my sound system in my den at home. Mostly with stuff I already own, while adding a few new items. I have done a lot of troubleshooting already, and wanted some guidance before I started throwing more money and...
  5. Carlo_M

    New Mac Pro can be maxed out at $52K - buyers and owners thread In case you want to gift yourself something early. :D
  6. Sam Posten

    2019 16" Macbook Pro buyers and owners thread

    It's now official and they are pretty spicy meatballs.
  7. Sam Posten

    Airpods Pro official - buyers and owners thread

    See ya Wednesday!
  8. Nico Morgan

    Yamaha Receiver registering audio as video - Can't use Pro Logic

    First of all, apologies if this is the wrong forum, it could have fitted in several. I have a simple system based around my PC. I watch video on a second monitor attached to the PC but also listen to music through the same system. My PC has on-board sound with three output jacks. It also has a...
  9. V

    Lumagen Radiance Pro 4242 - For Sale

    Selling my Lumagen Radiance Pro 4242, the unit has 1x 9G input card, 1x 18G input card, 1x 9G output card. 4x HDMI inputs, 2x HDMI outputs, too many inputs for my needs, seeking to exchange into a 4240. The unit is in very good condition, shipped with a complete set of accessories, including a...