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  1. JohnRice

    I need an Enterprise Email Provider

    I think that's what It's called. I own an online business and our hosting is with the company who develops the software. They're going to discontinue email service, so I'll need email service using our domain. I see several companies who provide this but I know there are some IT people here...
  2. TonyD

    Stopped getting email notices, can someone check my account please?

    Hey, I was hoping one of our supreme beings could check into my account to see if something got switched off. I looked at my preferences and it appears to be set properly but I’m not getting any email notices since yesterday. Thanks.
  3. Johnny Angell

    Email Addresses...Good or Bad?

    Like everyone else I get the occasional email I don’t trust. Lately Netflix has been sending me emails as if I were a new customer instead of the old timer I am. So I check the sending address and it’s info at mailer dot Netflix dot com. Does the the Netflix dot com as the final portion of...
  4. Nelson Au

    Could not get into a subscribed thread from email link

    i got an email notice of replies to a thread I’m subscribing to. When I clicked the link, I got a page called Dev.hometheaterforum.com where I had to enter my name and password. My password did not work. Is there a new separate walled off section to the HTF? Or was this Phishing spam? thanks...
  5. Charles Smith

    SPAM "from" HTF via email only?

    Got an email a while ago that reads as 100% genuine unadulterated spam. But the email itself - at a glance - looks identical to the legitimate email copies of internal HTF mail I'm accustomed to seeing, right down to the graphics in the body, the From address, etc. Two copies of it came over...
  6. J

    change of email address

    Help!!! I have changed my email address and have found no way to amend it to my new one which is XXXXX I have tried to log on to no avail. I have asked for a new password to no avail as when I indicate I am not a robot nothing happens and then I am told I have failed!! I am going round in...
  7. JQuintana

    How to stop email notifications?

    I thought I had all my settings adjusted so I get no alerts, or any emails related to my posts or thread updates, yet I keep seeing in my mailbox emails showing that a thread I posted in or created had a new update. How can I stop all forms of alerts??
  8. Karen Harison

    Retaining my Bellsouth email id after cancelling AT&T U-verse account.

    Hi Will I be able to retain my bellsouth.net email id if I cancel my AT&T U-Verse internet account? Thanks!
  9. Johnny Angell

    Can't Save eMail Attachment on iPad?

    I have an iPad 2 and wanted to save an email attachment and could see how to do it. I googled the problem and my research indicates it can't be done. If this is true, why omit such a basic function from the operating system. My OS version it up to something over 9 and because a whole bunch of...
  10. jca2112

    Newsletter Unsubscribe Doesn't Work

    I keep getting the "Popular Threads This Week" Newsletter, which I never signed up for. I click the Unsubscribe link, the website says "Unsubscribed", and I get the follow-up "Sorry to see you go" email. Then a few weeks later, I get the Newsletter again. Why aren't the Unsubscribe requests...