elvis presley

  1. Kyrsten Brad

    Elvis Presley in HD Online. A Paramount trend in the making?

    Well folks the rather recent release (when I found out) of Little Darlings (1980) in HiDef online inspired me to look for some other film releases in HD online. @Josh Steinberg indicated in the Little Darlings thread that The Mountain (Paramount) was releasing HD masters to several online...
  2. Kyrsten Brad

    Elvis Presley on Blu, A Comprehensive Listing

    First of all, I'm aware there is another Elvis thread on Blu here but its about 1.5 years old and I wanted to have the OP include a comprehensive listing on Elvis movies available on Blu-ray and what still is out there awaiting the Light Of Blu. I will reference the other thread here for...
  3. Emcee

    Elvis Presley

    I know Elvis' main claim to fame was his singing career, but he also appeared in more than thirty films during his lifetime. What are you thoughts of him as an actor? Are there any of his films you enjoy? Let's start this ode to the King of Rock-n-Roll, the one and only, Elvis!
  4. Bob Furmanek

    Elvis Presley: The Searcher

    Coming soon!
  5. Vintage Horror

    Elvis Presley films on Bluray...

    I noticed that TICKLE ME (1965) starring Elvis Presley has been released on bluray as COWBOY MELODIE by Koch Media in Germany (Region B) which is English friendly- though you have to have an all region player. I have a couple of questions: 1) Are there any other Elvis vehicles released on...