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  1. ebozman

    Mitsubishi 73" DTV

    Hello Charles, Thank you for your time. I set up my wd 73742 dip tv yesterday. Everything is fine except the ability to sync my DTV remote to TV function. I have been t all the forums (including DTV) for the code. I have used auto search to no avail. Can you offer any advice? Thanks again, ED
  2. Will_B

    Blade Runner 30th Anniversary Edition (2012) - any changes from the earlier 5-disc set?

    Seems like every BluRay site except this one is talking about the re-release of the Blade Runner 5-disc set. Some questions that everyone wants to know: Are the discs BD50s this time instead of BD25s? Is Dangerous Days in high-definition this time? Amazon mentions a new photo gallery. Any other...
  3. Will_B

    Blade Runner sequel

    About Ridley's plan to do a Blade Runner film soon (a film set in the Blade Runner universe, if not a direct sequel in the usual sense of the word), I've been watching Breaking Bad season 2, and, if Ridley needs a Rachael - who, granted, I do not believe is the female protagonist of which he has...
  4. classictvfan91

    Oh God! Trilogy Blu-Ray Edition?

    Mr. de Lauzirka, Would you be interested in this possible release? To Warner Home Video: I would like to suggest the re-release of the Oh God! Trilogy (1977-1984) in a 3-disc Blu-Ray combo pack, with special features for each movie. This year is the 35th anniversary of the release of Oh God...
  5. ijthompson


    This program from San Diego Comic Con has just confirmed that our man Mr. L is indeed producing the blu-ray of Ridley Scott's upcoming Prometheus (like there was any doubt). Charles, we know you can't comment on absolutely anything (who knows... you might be interviewing H.R. Giger right now!)...
  6. Daz_85

    Alien Anthology question(s) for Charles

    Hi Charles, I thought I'd make this a new thread away from the existing Alien Blu-ray one for clarity. Now that we've lived with the Alien Anthology for 6 months, and the individual film titles have just been released in the US, I was just wondering what your thoughts are on the set as a...
  7. Valaquen

    Finding Bolaji Badejo

    Hello Mr. de Lauzirika, I run the blog Strange Shapes, which covers the first three Alien movies, and I have been researching the whereabouts of original Alien performer, Bolaji Badejo. According to Dennis Lowe, who worked on Alien, and Les Barany, HR Giger's agent, Mr Badejo is believed to be...
  8. Vincent_P

    GLADIATOR cinematography- use of 16mm?

    Hello again Charles, On another forum it's been suggested that 16mm was used for some of the cinematography on GLADIATOR. This is due to the old American Cinematographer article which states that an Aaton XTR camera was used for some hand-held work. Is this correct, or did AC possibly get...
  9. Vincent_P

    GLADIATOR remastered Blu-ray- color changes?

    Hello Charlie, There has been some "controversy" brewing about the remastered GLADIATOR, specifically regarding the color timing changes compared to the first Blu-ray and older DVD versions (see the last several pages of Hollywood Insider Penton-Man's thread on Blu-ray dot com). Can you...
  10. Mike Wadkins

    Robin Hood

    Hi Charlie, are you able to talk about this yet? I really enjoyed it, and as always with the Scott brothers love the extended cuts. Has much been changed in the new cut?, and has the film presented any new challenges?
  11. Mike Wadkins

    1492: Conquest of Paradise out in France Oct. 6th

    Did you work on this one Charlie?
  12. Merrick Gearing

    Question about the film Alien and who actually wrote it.

    I was watching the documentary on the film Alien from the Alien Quad set as well as listened to the audio commentary of the film and I found out something interesting: On the movie box it shows that the story and screenplay was written by Dan O'Bannon and Ronald Shusett. However, according to...
  13. John CW

    Twin Peaks "Gold Box" on Bluray?

    I actually asked this question in another thread, but then I suddenly realised that you might be a better person to ask! :) Do you know if and/or when this might be happening? Thanks a lot! - Johnny
  14. Mike Wadkins

    Alien Movies what is the Directors Pref version ?

    As per the title, what version of the 3 movies (alien 3 is out of this for obvious reasons) is the directors preffered version ?
  15. Mike Wadkins

    Spy Game

    Hi, not shure if you worked on this but was wondering if you could clear up an issue I have. I own the UK dvd and the US BRD There is a changed shot on the BRD that is not on the dvd Dvd BRD The tree line has changed, is this change at Tony's request or just diff prints in diff regions ...
  16. trajan

    Thelma- Dolittle -Cleopatra

    Any word on blueray of Thelma and Louise? Have you heard of any plans to release 65mm blueray transfers of Cleopatra and Doctor Dolittle? Current dvd's are 35mm transfers.
  17. TheHutt

    Alien³ - Making Of (Quadrilogy)

    Hello, It is not widely known, but Charles de Lauzirika's Making Of Alien³ documentary on the Quadrilogy set was in fact heavily censored by Fox, as it was too honest about the process of making this movie. Here is some info from IMDB: Woudn't it be just great if FOX would allow to...
  18. Southpaw

    Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

    A recent Michael Bay interview indicated that you will be working on the DVD/Blu-ray release. Any info you can share about it? Will it incorporate a PiP feature like the first Transformers? Will there be a separate disc for all the bonus features? Little tidbits would be great! :D
  19. Mike Wadkins

    The Last Boy Scout

    Is there any news about (in the least) a remastered S/E DVD (or better) a BRD S/E ? Tony Scott talked about it candidly in the new issue of Empire, it would be great to see real features on the movie
  20. AlexTheMan

    Alien Workprint Cut for Blu Ray release

    A good feature that would make cash-straded consumers buy the Blu-Ray edition of Alien would be to present a third cut of the film--the workprint cut. Mike Matessino, co-producer for the 2007 CD release of the Alien soundtrack, writes on the album’s liner notes that this cut runs 127...
  21. Mike Wadkins

    Revenge Director's Cut

    Good evening Mr De Lauzirika, I just watched this on BRD for the first time today. I noticed you masterminded the featurette and I am guessing most of the disc. It is a good disc but there is not much in the way of extras, I understand there are budgets for these discs and it must have been...
  22. Daz_85

    Alien trilogy coming to blu-ray?!...

    BD Horror News - Original 'Alien' Trilogy Coming to Blu-ray We learned of some very interesting news that has me jumping for joy. We discovered that Fox Home Entertainment is currently working on brand new Blu-ray releases for Alien, Aliens and Alien 3. Each film is said to be released in a...
  23. Daz_85


    First of all, congratulations on the Alien Quadrilogy set. 5 years later I still consider it my bible! Thank you and your team so much for help putting it together. Regarding Alien3, there are around 18 scenes/differences from the old bootleg "workprint" cut of the film that arn't present on...
  24. CTgirl

    Gladiator on Blu-Ray

    Hi Charlie, It's great to see you have your own space here at HTF. I used to converse with you over on the old Dreamworks Gladiator/Epic Film Talk board, so it's been awhile. I remember all of the conversations we had over there and the ton of questions that you answered for all of us (I...
  25. Oliver_A

    Ridley Scott's Legend on Blu Ray?

    Dear Mr. DeLauzirika, are there any current plans to bring Ridley Scott's Legend into the high definition realm? Since this particular movie is one aesthetically pleasing experience, it would be an excellent choice. Btw, are there any possibilities still left that one day, the 140min version...
  26. Robert George

    Calling Zinema!

    Charlie, Any chance Zinema could update those great "Bond" covers for Blu-ray now that the series is being released on that format? Of course, we would also need one for Bond 21, "Casino Royale". A lot of work, I know. Perhaps you could convince Zinema to give it another go anyway...
  27. Jesper Hall

    Questions regarding "1492" and "Revenge"

    Hi Charles. Let me start by saying thank you for some of my favorite movie-docs of all time. The Alien and Blade Runner material was priceless for fans I have two questions for you: 1. I am a big fan of Ridley Scotts "1492: Conquest of Paradise". I read an interview a while back with...
  28. EnricoE

    Top Gun Trailer Mystery

    charles, is there any real reason that paramount dropped the trailers from being released on the dvd/hd-dvd/blu-ray for this film? it seams kinda odd that the tv-spots are there but not the actual theatrical trailers. last but not least, is there any chance we can see them as a download...
  29. Oliver_A

    Blade Runner 5 Disc: Thank you again!

    Dear Mr. De Lauzirika, I am right now watching the workprint from the Blade Runner 5 disc edition again, and I just wanted to spontaneously thank you for this truly great DVD set, which is probably the very best set ever produced for a single movie. Blade Runner is a perfect example of...
  30. Douglas Monce

    Blade Runner's different versions.

    Charles, I've spent the last week or so obsessively going back and forth watching the different version of Blade Runner on the new set. I'm curious about the source material for the different versions. For instance on the theatrical/international/director's cuts I notice quite a bit of...