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  1. Wookie Groomer

    About to build the most basic high quality 2 channel system from scratch. Video series to follow

    Now that I'm done with the 11 channel Home Theater and 9 channel Gaming room, I've decided to tackle a basic 2 channel listening room. My wife and I are about to convert a spare bedroom that rarely ever gets used and is mostly just a storage room into a full fledged listening room. I posted...
  2. Type A

    Great read on the future of Audiophile Systems

    Jerry makes some great points in this enlightened article. Im a light audiophile myself but I was proud of myself that I had acheived at least a couple of his suggestions all on my own; get all your gear away from your living space, put it all in a closet (or a rack) and investing in...
  3. Lee Scoggins

    Part-Time Audiophile Best of 2017

    It's been a while since I posted here but I am now reviewing audio gear and thought you would be interested in our latest "Best Of" article. This article covers all price points and it may be most useful for those working to improve their audio system...
  4. H

    Greetings from a Utah audiophile

    Hello one and all! Born and raised in Utah, I'm 36 and have always had a very strong appreciation for good home theaters, particularly their sound systems. I will always see movies in the Dolby Atmos auditorium when possible. Been married 14 years and we have 3 boys. I grew up watching action...
  5. T

    Looking for a used AUDIOPHILE AV Receiver

    I am in the market to purchase a used audiophile AV Receiver. Price range maximum $800 for a used unit, the less the better. The most important factor is the audiophile sound quality, sheer musicality that the unit provides, not the features. It should also have HDMI 1.4 at least and also...
  6. mgerity

    Need rec for a high-end AV pre-amp

    I have been a heavy Linn user for a long time, and my AV system for the bedroom is mostly Linn (AV 5105 and C6100 amps, Espek Aktiv speakers, Linn surround, center and sub speakers). Up until recently, I then used a Linn Classik Movie (2005 version) as both a preamp and a DVD player and was...