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Sep 6, 2017
Real Name
Jeff Jensen
Hello one and all!

Born and raised in Utah, I'm 36 and have always had a very strong appreciation for good home theaters, particularly their sound systems. I will always see movies in the Dolby Atmos auditorium when possible.

Been married 14 years and we have 3 boys. I grew up watching action scenes over and over on my dad's 1980's surround system. All the action scenes from Star Trek movies, over and over. When Clear and Present Danger came out, I must have watched that ambush scene a hundred times (at the time, I was at the peak of of my goal to become a Secret Service agent). He now has a Meridian based system, using their speakers, amp, and processor.

I am a historian specializing in the Titanic and U.S. presidents, and I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan. The first movie I watch in my new theater will be Fellowship of the Ring. Much of the music I listen to will be the high quality DVD complete recordings of its music.

I currently have an Onkyo 7.1 set-up. I love to help neighbors, friends, and family set up their theater systems. I will buy my own wiring, banana plugs, and help them do wiring and set-up.

Looking forward to some good times on this forum, and to receiving some good pointers as I begin doing research for my own home theater which I will complete when we finish our basement.

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