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In an attempt to match or outdo Hollywood and the UK, UFA produced an elaborate fantasy, as part of the Nazi film output in 1943. It was the third in the process.

Munchhausen, directed by Josef von Baky, was a gorgeously mounted color production – Agfa as opposed to Technicolor – which makes it all the more interesting to those who delve into the history of cinema color. A tri-pack product, it had similarities to Eastman Color.

At the end of the war, the stock ended up with the Russians, who used it to create Sovcolor. In later years, the Agfa process became ORWO.

Kino’s new Blu is based upon the international version, as the domestic German negative apparently no longer survives. Mostly original, with some footage from a print – the color difference will be noted – quality is overall superb.

A Very interesting comparison can be found in Terry Gilliam’s 1988 version, available from Sony. You’ll note that the 1988 has only a single h in the great Baron’s name.

One of the more entertaining films from the Nazis.

Image – 4

Audio – 5

Pass / Fail – Pass

Upgrade from DVD – You betcha!



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  1. john a hunter

    so where did Eastman Color spring from Robert?
    Purely from Kodak?
    I always thought it developed from part of the Agfa war reparations patents.

    There's a wonderful book on the subject. Keep in mind that Kodak had Kodachrome in play for still, and later for cinema in the mid-'40s.

  2. Have the Blu-ray and did a quick comparison to my 2004 dvd. I see more picture on all 4 sides and the colors are more brighter plus a sharper image. Will watch the whole movie soon and this time with the commentary.

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