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Beverly Hills Cop, a 1984 production from Martin Brest, is, or at least was, a film that I enjoyed far more than
Coming to America.

It’s still a fun film, but to me, it doesn’t stand the test of time. It looks and feels like an early ’80s film
that hasn’t bettered with bottle age. No do the performances, across the board.

It’s a gorgeous 4k release, in Dolby Vision and DTS-HD MA, but even with those textures found on every
Bruckheimer-Simpson production, and the requisite track that comes along with it, it no longer rings true.

Sorry to be the naysayer on these films.

I wish that Trading Places had been given the 4k treatment. I really like that one.

Image – 5 (Dolby Vision)

Audio – 5 (DTS-HD MA)

Pass / Fail – Pass

Upgrade from Blu-ray – Yes



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Colin Jacobson

Senior HTF Member
Apr 19, 2000
The relationship between Reinhold’s and Ashton’s characters is fun to watch too.

Agree - my comments sold the supporting cast short, as most of them do fine work. Even the brief turn by Damon Wayans amuses.

That said, it really is Murphy's movie. While the others add flavor, he's the reason it's still a classic! :)

Jeffrey D

Senior HTF Member
Oct 15, 2018
Real Name
Jeffrey D Hanawalt
Great scene where the tractor trailer is smashing up a bunch of cars while The Pointer Sisters song Neutron Dance is playing.