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Power Required for Speakers

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John Sack


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Posted November 30 2003 - 10:10 AM

I know little and am trying put together a good start to build a home theater better than HTIB. I have a home with open entertainment/great apprx. 18 ft x 16 ft. The viewer sits about 12 to 13 ft from video screen. The room is open to 2 stories and is 18 ft high floor to ceiling. Floor is carpeted. I own two Klipsch 5.5 floor speakers and want to build my system utilizing the existing speakers for at least a few years. I already have DVD/CD player supporting Dolby Digital and DTS format among others.

I believe my speakers are 8 ohm but have not been able to verify on name plate or via specs on internet.

How do I estimate power level required in receiver? How do I "match" speakers? Is speaker efficiency and issue? I it best safer to stick with same brand is it that irrelevant?

What is a "high current" receiver? Is this significant to sound quality and source power rating required?

I think I want a 6.1 Receiver vs 5.1. Should I consider purchase of separate amplifier for subwoofer when I add it?

I thought I should start with purchase of receiver and center speakers 1st. Later I would add two speakers to mount in back and the subwoofer last. Does that make sense?

thank you in advance.


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Posted November 30 2003 - 10:28 AM

I'll try to address some of your Q's.

Klipsch makes very sensitive speakers, so you shouldn't need a whole lot of power to get them VERY loud. Depending on what price level you're looking at, you can get different features and quality of receivers. In either case, running out of power likely won't be a problem with klipsch as it might with other, harder to drive speakers.

Assuming you're getting a 'regular' subwoofer, almost all are self-powered. You will not need to buy an outboard amp to drive it. There are many great subs out there, and even better ones can be had online, such as SVS, Hsu, etc.

Your order makes sense. I might actually put the center last, as your mains should image the center ok in the time being, and you won't be missing much(some people don't use centers, though I certainly would). Adding a good sub is QUITE an addition. It's not an easy call. Why not just buy everything all at once? Posted Image

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John Sack


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Posted November 30 2003 - 11:06 AM

When wife goes back to work $$ will not be such an issue. Or I could give up golf and sailing. Kids also want their share.

I was looking at an Onkyo 480 Watt TXSR501 or the TXSR601 (with 2 zone feature) which had a little more power. Looking at 50 watts per channel with TXSR501 or a little more with R601. R501 will save me about $200 ofer the R601. About what am I looking at for speakers? I believe I will leave the center channel out and go with 2 surrounds or the subwoofer.

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John Sack


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Posted November 30 2003 - 11:08 AM

Also I believe you are correct as the 50 watts per channel stereo receiver I have now can get them very loud. I assume I am hearing quality sound as well and not compromising the speakers with the receiver.