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How do you guys find time to play?

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#1 of 42 OFFLINE   StevenK


    Second Unit

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Posted May 05 2003 - 12:53 PM

This totally isn't meant to be a troll thread here. I'm a big time gamer without any time. I have 5 XBox games I have yet to open, 6 PC games I have yet to install, and many more PS1, Dreamcast and PC games that I have permanently given up on.

When I was an undergrad, I was so swamped with classes. But I just thought to myself...once grad school begins, I'll only be taking 1 or 2 classes a quarter, so I can get in a game now and then.

When I got to grad school...I became overwhelmed with the research and the teaching assitant duties...in addition to the measly 2 classes. But I thought to myself...well, once I get a job, it's only a 9-5 thing...so I'll have the nights to play my game.

Well, now that I've been working for a few months....where the hell is my time?!?!?! I get home at 7pm...relax a bit, cook some dinner, then bam! next thing I know, it's 9:30...about time to get ready for bed? Hell, I don't have time to call my g/f much less turn on the XBox.

Anyways...just had to rent cause it's so damn depressing. I want to play so badly but I just can't. I feel so lucky just to get in 1 game of NBA 2K3 or Madden 2003 once a month....I just wonder where the hell you guys find the time to play all these awesome games. I'm just so damn jealous reading through these threads (at work! Posted Image )

I wonder if I have to just take a vacation to play games (like the time I took a quarter off...basically to play Gran Turismo...or the time Halo got me so addicted I even forgot I was in grad school).

#2 of 42 OFFLINE   Saurav



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Posted May 05 2003 - 01:48 PM

Move in with your gf, and share cooking duties. That way, you'll get a few hours every other evening Posted Image

#3 of 42 OFFLINE   Brandon_H


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted May 05 2003 - 04:46 PM

I feel your pain. When I had a job, I could get home on a good day by 6 p.m. and game for at least a couple of hours. But grad school has thoroughly kicked my ass. 12-14 hours of study on a good day, plus quite a few hours on weekends, left me scraping for gaming time. Of course, now I've hit summer. And as soon as I finish cleaning my basement theater, I'll be gaming for DAYS straight. Only trouble is picking which ones to play first . . . think I'll finally finish Halo. . .

#4 of 42 OFFLINE   Cameron Seaman

Cameron Seaman

    Supporting Actor

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Posted May 05 2003 - 04:57 PM

I hear you. I only have a Gamecube, and I don't have enough time to play my games on that. I'd love to have an X-BOX and PS2 but, to be honest, I don't know where the hell I'd find the time to play games for a second or evern third system! I don't know how some people do it.

#5 of 42 OFFLINE   Alex_Santos


    Second Unit

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Posted May 05 2003 - 05:24 PM

I got three words for you...Lack of Sleep! I honestly don't know how people survive a long day after staying up all night and gaming. I haven't even gotten to Vice City yet. I need some prunes here Im so backed up.

#6 of 42 OFFLINE   Carl Johnson

Carl Johnson


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Posted May 05 2003 - 05:28 PM

I have both an X Box and a Gamecube but it's been at least a month since I've played either. Now that I have a house to maintain, a girlfriend to visit and a high speed internet connection to keep me occupied after work I don't play nearly as many video games as I used to.

#7 of 42 OFFLINE   hwshi


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted May 05 2003 - 11:49 PM


#8 of 42 OFFLINE   Romier S

Romier S


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Posted May 06 2003 - 12:03 AM

I sold my soul to the devil and he split it in two. One soul stays home and plays games, the other leads my normal life.Posted Image

#9 of 42 OFFLINE   Chris Rock

Chris Rock

    Supporting Actor

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Posted May 06 2003 - 01:28 AM

[quote] cocaine [quote]

If this is a joke, the humor is over my head. The last time I checked, illegal drug use was no laughing matter.

/off high horse

Being a full time employee/husband myself, I often wish I had more game time. My solution is to schedule it like anything else. I also try to get my friends involved. I often go to a friends house to play, or have friends over.

It also helps immensely to have my wife share my "addiction". I get her games from time to time, stuff that she like that takes a long time, like Legend of Zelda Wind Waker, or Ratchet and Clank...sometimes she'll play on one TV and I'll play on the other.

But I know what you mean, I read posts here and wonder how some of these guys have the time to even experience all these games, much less beat all of them.

#10 of 42 OFFLINE   StevenK


    Second Unit

  • 273 posts
  • Join Date: Jul 16 2000

Posted May 06 2003 - 03:47 AM

The problem I have is I read about some great game here...buy it...play it for an hour...then realize I have something to do. 2 months later, I realize that brand spanking new game is still in the system. But by then I've lost interest. I guess that's why Halo, Civ, and GT were such great games...they never let you leave!

#11 of 42 OFFLINE   ChuckDeLa



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Posted May 06 2003 - 03:55 AM

Mostly, I don't find time. My plate is way too full. Besides having a job, a very high-maintenance girlfriend, and four pets (including a puppy), there's all this looming over my head: - fairly sizable pile of DVDs to watch (not as bad as it used to be, but those Angel and Twin Peaks box sets are gonna take a lot of time) - several hours of Beavis & Butthead tapes to watch, and a small pile of other VHS tapes - at least 100 books to read, including a huge book on C++ that I really ought to be learning if I'm going to have a future in this career - huge MAD Magazine CD-ROM box set, which I've owned for like 4 years and have only read 2 issues so far - gobs and gobs of MP3s to listen to - usually do 1 or 2 new movies every weekend So these games are all just waiting, collecting dust: PC: Dungeon Siege PC: Heroes of Might & Magic 4 PC: about 1000 MAME games (ongoing) GBA: Monster Rancher Advance 2 GBA: Pokemon Sapphire (girlfriend is currently playing this one, though) Cube: Zelda - Wind Waker Cube: Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 Cube: Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 (about 20% done) Cube: Rogue Leader (about 20% done) Cube: LOTR Two Towers Cube: Resident Evil Cube: Starfox Adventures (about 15% done)

#12 of 42 OFFLINE   DonRoeber



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Posted May 06 2003 - 04:02 AM

I play for a couple hours a night, a few nights a week. Somtimes I'm lucky, and get in a few hours in the mornings on the weekends. I'm 25, own a house, work 12hrs a day, and am in the process of planning a wedding. I've got a bunch of games that I'm halfway through, and will occasionally get back to them (Metal Gear Solid 2 has been half-played for months now, same with Rogue Leader), but if a game is really great, I'll end up playing it as much as I can until it's done. Zelda was recently like this, and now I'm playing Metroid Prime. The great thing about this is that I save money. I can often wait until the games on onsale or buy 'em used. I try not to pay more than $35 for a game, unless it's one that I absolutely have to have right away.
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#13 of 42 OFFLINE   Dean Cooper

Dean Cooper

    Supporting Actor

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Posted May 06 2003 - 04:45 AM

Posted Image Just wait until you have a kid, no time AND no energy to play your games. I wouldn't trade it for the world though. I usually get a couple hours after my wife and daughter have gone to sleep that are to myself. This is where I squeeze in watching X-play, reading my emails and playing my games a bit to relax before I go to sleep. Unfortunately this doesn't mix with Live very well because I have to be so quiet so I rarely ever get on it now.

#14 of 42 OFFLINE   Tim Markley

Tim Markley


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Posted May 06 2003 - 05:43 AM

[quote] Just wait until you have a kid, no time AND no energy to play your games. [quote] Ain't that the truth! Posted Image I've got a 1 month old son and I haven't even had time to think about playing games. I get a 'quickie' in every now and then on the GBA but that's it. I hope that by the time SWG is released I'll have some 'free' time.

#15 of 42 OFFLINE   Derrik Draven

Derrik Draven

    Supporting Actor

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Posted May 06 2003 - 07:31 AM

No wife, no kids, work 2nd shift, no problems. Posted Image

Seriously though, when I come home from work around 9pm, or so, I usually fire up the home theater/Xbox and play 'till 3 or 4 in the morning.

That hasn't been the case as of late. I'm remodeling my entire downstairs to make a real home theater room. I'll post the pics when I'm done, but for now, most of my evening is spent hanging drywall. Posted Image
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#16 of 42 OFFLINE   Morgan Jolley

Morgan Jolley

    Lead Actor

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Posted May 06 2003 - 07:49 AM

I'm 17 years old in High School with no job. That's how I find time to play. Believe it or not, Honors-level classes don't give that much homework around here.

#17 of 42 OFFLINE   Graeme Clark

Graeme Clark


  • 2,181 posts
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Posted May 06 2003 - 09:05 AM

[quote] next thing I know, it's 9:30...about time to get ready for bed [quote]
Problem #3

#18 of 42 OFFLINE   Joe Szott

Joe Szott


  • 1,962 posts
  • Join Date: Feb 22 2002

Posted May 06 2003 - 10:08 AM

Steven, I work a full time tech job, watch the 2 yr old so my wife can work a bit, and maintain the house pretty much all the time. Here's the two ways I have found to do the stuff I want to do (usually games, DVDs, or reading a book): #1 - Make the time This sounds cliche, but it is true. I usually go to bed around 11:30 or so and my son goes down at 9:00 (takes 1/2 hour to get him actually in bed though). So that's a good 2 hours or so there if I don't watch TV. If there is a game I really want to play or am really into it, I'll stay up to 1:00 am or so and just be sleepy the next day. If I only do that once a week or so, you don't get too tired. #2 - Prioritize This one takes a few different forms. Prioritize the games you want to play and only buy them in that order and as you complete them. If you can't get through Halo, don't buy another game until you do (or decide it isn't worth it.) You won't feel so bad if there are only 2 unplayed games on the shelf instead of 6. Also, you can prioritize all the other stuff you do and make a little free time. Like order a pizza or chinese food in one night a week and use that dinner preperation time to do what you want (games.) Or some weekends I just will decide not to vaccuum and live with the mess for a few more days to play a game. Anyway, hope this helps you out. Try to pick one game you really want to play and then figure out how to make the time to play just that one a few times a week. Hopefully, that can get you feeling a little better. PS - I also tend to not even buy the loonnnggg type games anymore. RPGs tend to require 10x the commitment from an action shooter to get anywhere. So I'll buy something like Halo or Panzer Dragoon Orta over Xenosaga or FX-2. You can play them for 30 mins or 3 hours and still get somewhere.

#19 of 42 OFFLINE   Dome Vongvises

Dome Vongvises

    Lead Actor

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Posted May 06 2003 - 10:25 AM

Unemployment. Well that, and I didn't get into med school. So I've got a lot of free time to play away my sorrows.

#20 of 42 OFFLINE   BrianB



  • 5,211 posts
  • Join Date: Apr 29 2000

Posted May 06 2003 - 10:48 AM

Time to play is frequently a problem for me too, particularly when work is busy. Between work, gym, dinner, spending time with my wife, it's easily 9:30.

My solution? Watch less TV Posted Image Tivo helps a great deal with this - I watch /more/ programs each week, but I spend less time just sat in front of the TV looking for something to watch or tied there to watch something at a specific time.
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