This is kind of cool - Not really home theater but very awesome - Micro projector review

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Stingray8, Jan 4, 2010.

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    I actually do own a home theater set up but the way it is set up, there is no way I can lug it around. I pretty much need a ladder to make any changes. Sometimes, you just feel like watching a movie outside (especially these last few nights in California when its around 70*).

    I just purchased an aaxa m1 micro projector last week and got to play with it a bit over the weekend. They are supposed to be the only battery powered projectors that are somewhat decent. They also aren't too bad compared in price to the pico projector category, but from what I've read so far, the pico projectors don't have enough juice at 11 lumens. The M1 micro projector bumped it up to 66 lumens. The other choice was the dell, but for about the same price, this one has more juice, can run on an extended battery pack, and gives me onboard memory to save videos directly on.

    I'm gonna have to say that the image is quite good for something that feels like a toy. Obviously, its no home theater replacement but for what it is, I think that I can find a lot of fun and miles out of it. My only gripe is that the onboard speakers on the unit itself are ear-wrenching. While it can get turned up loud, its not a good loud. It sounds like its all treble and hurts your ears. Definitely gotta figure out a better sound solution. Cheap PC speakers are probably the ticket.

    So I thought it was kind of a cool little garage blaster solution and thought I'd share. Got it here




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