Somewhat Tardy Gregg Loewen Calibration Review!

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Jason Perez, Jul 7, 2003.

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    Hello to all of the members of the forum! I have been "lurking" for a long time, and learned a lot from all of you, but this is my first post. I meant to get to this a while ago, but I think it it is a good thing I have had so much time to reflect on the amazing improvement in my display! Without further adieu, here is my review of a calibration by HTF's own Gregg Loewen, done in April of this year....

    For all of you still on the fence over getting your set ISF calibrated, let me assure you that it is money well spent! Before Gregg's visit, I had tuned up my set with Avia, so I was not sure how much better the calibration would make my set look. For lack of a better term, I was completely blown away by what Gregg accomplished in about 3 1/2 hours of work (with an hour for anwering my many questions). He certainly is an expert when it comes to Toshiba!

    I noticed an immense improvement on my Toshiba 50H82 immediately, especially with regard to shadow detail, focus, and especially rendering of colors. My whites are now WHITE, blacks are deep and rich, and flesh tones are spot on! As others who have had their set calibrated have said, I found myself re-watching all of the DVDs in my collection, and noticed definite improvement in even the worst authored discs.

    Better still, Gregg is an honest, professional, and thorough calibrator, and is a pleasant person to talk to. He responds quickly to e-mails, seems to thoroughly enjoy his craft, and does not mind sharing his vast knowledge of television tweaking. And above all else, his prices are very reasonable! I highly encourage any of you looking into getting your TV ISF'ed to consider his services when he goes on tour again, as I found it to be well worth the investment.



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