Zip won't work in XP. What's the deal?

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    Okay, so I finally installed everything I needed to put in an ATAPI 250 Zip Drive (Promise 100ATA TX2 IDE Controller). After installing the Zip drive, I boot up the computer, and the damn thing freezes at the XP Splash screen, right before I hit the desktop. I set the jumper at Master, Slave, Cable Select, and no difference. XP found the Promise card perfectly fine, but I can't even search for the Zip Drive, let alone ZP find it itself. I've intalled the drivers and still nothing. Guys, I'm stumped.
    Here's the motherboard I use:MOTHERBOARD
    Is this a BIOS issue or what? I'm too frustrated to deal with it anymore.
    Thanks for any help,
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    I had a similar problem a while back. I didn't have a external drive to hook up, but it was locking up on the XP splash screen like yours. If I shut it down while it sat there, it would boot back up and go to safe mode, that would load.

    Does yours?

    If it does, you should check to see if you have the latest BIOS drivers for your motherboard. I had to install the latest flash drivers for my Intel board, and then it all worked just fine. The problem is, getting into XP in safe mode... you have to at least get that far. Or do the BIOS update in DOS I guess...

    Another thing that alerted me to this, was if you leave that XP Splash screen there for a LONG time... it will eventually go to a "famous" blue screen, and give you an error code. You can then check that on the Microsoft Knowledge page.

    And one more thing, if you don't get the blue screen, and IF you can get into Safe Mode XP, then go to the EVENT VIEWER, and that will show you what the PC was trying to do, and you may get the error code there as well.

    Good Luck, it's the most frustrating thing EVER!


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