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    I have a lake home(cabin) in northern Wisconsin that I close up every winter as its too expensive to keep warm. I have a modest HT setup consisting of a 30" TV, VCR, DVD player and a Pioneer 608 receiver.
    My question is: what components, if any, need to be brought home for the winter? The interior will eventually reach the outside sub-zero temps. I don't have any burglery concerns as I have full-time neighbors up there.
    Thanks in advance for your advice or coments.
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    i guess the only thing i would worry about is humidity or moisture. i don't think the cold itself will do any damage (even though it is sub-zero).
    i guess you could loosely cover it with some sort of heavy-duty tarp....just to be safe. just don't make the covering air-tight and i think you'll be fine.
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