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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Hobbs, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. Hobbs

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    Mar 7, 2004
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    Here are just a few things that I wished more recievers had...Hopefully somewhere down the line there will be a reciever with all of these features:

    1) 4+ Component Video inputs...Most recievers only have 2...whats up with that...I can think of 4 sources that I would use.

    2) Matrix input system. Just have rows of inputs separated by type and then program each channel to pick from the different inputs (ex. set DVD to optical1 and component3)

    3) Renamable channels...I want my PS2 on the "PS2" channel, not "VCR2"...seems simple enough to implement but it makes a huge difference in usability.

    4) Post processing inserts...I want to have the ability to put something like a crossover or a EQ inline with sound kinda like they do in studios or PA systems.
  2. Jason GT

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    Dec 12, 2002
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    You willll have difficulty achieving this "wish list" with AVRs, though you can get a great deal of this (if not all) in pre-pros. In any event some of this stuff is getting pretty high up on the higher-end features list, so don't look for them in a cheap AVR any time soon.

    1) 4 component inputs -- bleah, can't help you much here; if you have the right remotes often running source direct to your display device (ie, using the TV for switching) is generally advantageous, PQ-wise.

    2) Fully assignable inputs - many pre-pros allow this, Anthem AVM 20 does IIRC, for example. This will always be a high-end feature as completely assignable inputs aren't that friendly to the average user.

    3) Typical on prepros. Ditto comments above.

    4) Ditto on pre-pros; you can stick your EQ in between the preamp and power amp; as well many Prepros and some advanced AVRs allow EQ as part of their software functionality (such as a notch filter). Very few AVRs have main-ins now (Rotel and NAD do I think); it's not a common feature.

    Anyways, if you want all of this you'll pretyt much have to go pre-pro. Unfortnately you can't have your cake ... etc etc etc

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  3. Shane Martin

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    Sep 26, 1999
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    1. You won't find this on ANY receiver to my knowledge. The Denon 3805 has 3 which is rare.

    2. Most decent quality receivers do this. My Sony 444ES does this. An external switcher maybe what you need here. Depending on what you are switching you could go with an Extron unit($$$) or if we are talking about video game component switching then there is a Pelican unit for $100 right now. I wouldn't use that for HDTV though.

    3. See #2.

    I supposed you want all of this for under $500 too right?

    If you are willing to pony up some dough, most if not all of these features can be had.
  4. Shawn Solar

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    May 12, 2001
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    I want to see component-s-video-composite upconversion. So you can hook everything up to the TV using one cable of the highest quality and the reciever will convert the incoming s-video or composite to component.

    I would like to see basemanagement issues cleaned up. Have selectable slopes and cutoff frequencies and be able to defeat the sub crossover and use the one on the sub if one chooses. Bass settings for each input. And two sub inputs with their own settings and ON/OFF(just cuz[​IMG] )

    More component inputs. At least three. Maybe one on front.

    Have enough buttons on a universal remote so I can actually program all buttons from my disc changer to it.

    I aggree assignable inputs that can be renamed.
  5. John Garcia

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    Jun 24, 1999
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    1) How about a TV that has enough inputs?

    2) Understandable.

    3) There are a number of receivers that have done this for over 10 years, most notably Sony.

    4) I believe this is called "main inputs" that allow for this type of connection, not all receivers have this.

    NAD has one feature I would like to see on more receivers, and that is the ability to save settings for a given input/source, including the ability to assign amps to a particular application.

    I am not a fan of the sound of Sony receivers, but I would like to see their bass managment for individual channels find it's way into other manufacturers products. I find this an extremely useful function.
  6. Drew_W

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    Jul 2, 2003
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    Indeed, like John said, if you're lookign for a receiver, there are a few (NAD I think makes one, no idea about others, but I've seen them) that have couplers between the Main INs and the Pre OUTs effectively separating the processing from the amplification in the receiver so you can add something else into the loop.

    Any of the Pioneer Elites let you rename the inputs and assign video and digital inputs to any of them. I'm sure many others do the same.

    And if you need a component switcher, then buy a component switcher. 90% of people out there won't need the 4 inputs and so we probably won't see that implemented in very many receivers. There's going to be DVI/HDMI/whatever else in the future as well, so there won't be as much need for component...or something like that...we'll see what happens.
  7. Rob Grim

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    Aug 5, 2003
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    To narrow the 4+ component in you may as well look into Yamaha's flagship, it has 6 components in. Not sure if the yammy will do it but some AVR's will allow you to rename the inputs. I know the Sony DA4ES receiver would. Another would be the Intergra 10.4 (I think thats the model number), they are built to your specifications. Just a thought.

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