Wanna Buy A Monkey (new Dan the Automator)

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    May 10, 2000
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    Hey gang,

    Seems like Dan's been working overtime lately, with Lovage, Gorillaz, a beats album with El-P that should be out later this year, and this disc which came out this past Tuesday.

    It's a 'mixtape session' of some his work, and some other acts he enjoys. Deltron 3030's 'Positive Contact' is there, as is a Gorrillaz track, and a Lovage track. Other acts include Dilated Peoples and De La Soul. Good stuff.

    There is a 'but' though, and it's a big one. None of his collaborations with Kool Keith appear. No Dr. Octagon, and no Sinister 6000. That's a huge oversight. Dr. Octagon is one of the best rap albums of the 90's, and an Automator mixtape session doesn't feel right without it.

    Rumors have been out there for a while discussing an apparent beef between Keith and Dan or Keith and Dreamworks, to the point where they all don't get along. (Keith killed off Dr. Octagon on his Dr. Dooom CD.) I'm just curious if Dan left Keith off the disc for a reason.

    Nevertheless, it's a fine CD, well worth it. But with the Dr. or Sinister 6000 it could have been something more.

    Oh, and I love the title, it continues Dan's fascination with naming his work after Chris Elliot comedy.

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    Dec 25, 2000
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    I saw him open for Gorillaz today... a couple of odd choices for the last two songs (which I can't remember the names of right now). Otherwise a very good set from him.

    (And was't the 'Wanna buy a monkey?' line delivered by David Letterman?)(just want to make sure)

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