Viva Las Vegas - 16x9 WS? Can the DVD Compare to the Film Print...

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    Just saw this film print projected on the "mall" in DC last night by the monument (part of some Elvis week celebration). Wow. Those lushous colors and velvety-looking smoothness had me really wondering if the DVD could look anywhere as good. I was wondering if *HD* could look this good, for that matter. I don't know what color technology was used for this film but whatever it was the result on the outdoor screen last night was astonishing: rich, vibrant, candy (moulin rouge had this affect in the theater as well). that I've gushed about the film print, what am I to expect from the current DVD? Is it WS? Is it 16x9? Does it boast a transfer to compare in any way with the pristine blemesh-free/grain-free gorgeous picture that I saw on the big screen last night? Is it a horrid 4x3 lbxed or PS transfer from some out-dated video master? With a print as good as I saw last night being circulated it would be a crime if it wasn't used to master the DVD!!!

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    The film was originally in MteroColor, so this was obviously a brand-new print if it looked that good.
    It's going to be playing here in New Jersey next weekend - as noted in my post here:
    I hope it's the same print you saw! Sorry, I don't know how the DVD looks.
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    Sad to say that the DVD is not Anamorphic.

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