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UK 3D (and 2D) Disney Sale B1G1 Free -- Zavvi (1 Viewer)

David Norman

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Oct 12, 2001
Charlotte, NC
These sales always seem to be popular esp since a few of the 3D haven't been released in the US and several of the vaulted titles are available Region Free.

All 11 3D items are Region Free, Many of the 2D items are BUT NOT ALL so be careful. Don't pay attention to Zavvi or AmazonUk about Region coding. Many items listed as Region B are free and unfortunately several of the items on Zavvi now say Region Free, but are Region B locked. Those Disney UK that have DMR are not redeemable on US accounts nor are they eligible for DMA/Digital. Also note that many of these sets that originally may have come with an extra BD disc of bonus/extras (Lion King and Beauty and the Beast are the main items) now only include the movie discs. I'm not aware than any of these include the DVD like US items often do -- if they do those would be R2/PAL regardless of the Region status of the Bluray.

You can't really mix 2D and 3D for max discount since if you order 2 of each, both the lowest priced items will be free. I don';t know the end date for the promotion, but it just started tonight and these sale often can be days or even weeks long. Zavvi is not very good on backordered items so I'd caution about waiting too long.

Disney 3D BOGO (Region Free) -- basically 2 for £18 + 0.99 shipping (approx $27.50 with a For Exchange Free CC, check out in US Dollars and at least Zavvi only adds the 2-3% to the exchange)

Disney 2D BOGO (NOT ALL CHOICES REGION FREE) 2 for £15 + 0.99 shipping (approx $23.15 with Forex free CC/23.63 checked out directly in USD)

Use WELCOME for 1st time order for an additional 10% off
Including the 10% discount so 3D pair for as low as $24.75, a pair of 2D for as low as $20.85

Direct Link to the 3D titles -- the 2 US OOP 3D and 2 Never 3D Released in US listed 1st
Big Hero 6 3D
Frozen 3D
Beauty and the Beast 3D
Lion King 3D

Brave 3D
Finding Nemo 3D
Inside Out 3D
Monsters Inc 3D
Monsters Univ 3D
Tangled 3D
Wreck It Ralph 3d

Not part of the 3D BOGO, but fairly good prices.
Maleficent 3D £12.99
Paranorman 3D/Coraline 3D £10.99
Tim Burton Collection 3D £14.99 Note the 3D disc of Nightmare before Xmas is Region Free, but the 2D disc has always been B locked. In the past Alice in Wonderland was labelled B only but was actually Region Free

Disney 2D BOGO --
Vaulted in the US/Region Free
Beauty and the Beast 2D
Lady and the Tramp
The Lion King
Peter Pan

Not in Vault/Region Free
101 Dalmatians
Alice in Wonderland (Animated)
Big Hero 6
Cinderella (Animated)
Cinderella (2015)
Finding Nemo
Hunchback of Notre Dame
Inside Out
Monster Univ
Robin Hood
Sword In the Stone
Wreck it Ralph

Region Locked (I assume most of these are Region B only, but some couple be Region C compatible). Zavvi still has a couple of these listed as Region Free, but unless you have another source that confirms I would assume they are NOT Region A compatible
Dumbo (Region B Locked)
Jungle Book (Region B Locked)
Pinocchio (Region B Locked)
Princess and the Frog (region B Locked)
Sleeping Beauty (Region B locked)
Snow White (region B locked)
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David Norman

Senior HTF Member
Oct 12, 2001
Charlotte, NC
For those who don't like Zavvi, the deal is also now up at AmazonUK though it will be more expensive there -- no 10% Welcome and shipping starts at £4.07 for 2 items + 0.99 each added instead of the flat rate 0.99 at Zavvi.

Expiration appears to be March 27 on Amazon so I'll assume it's the same for Zavvi.

Johnny Angell

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Dec 13, 1998
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Johnny Angell
This is depressing. I have most of these, certainly all that i'm interested in. No sale for me. Thank you for posting this.


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Dec 1, 1999
Gulf Coast
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Tony D.
Only one I don't have in 3D is BH6.

Wish I would have waited on Frozen 3d although the less than $20 I piad is fine.

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