Trimark: The Doom Generation, Uncut, OAR,SE!

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  1. Christina_V

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    Please can you release this film in it's OAR?
    The current VHS/DVD versions look horrible!
    If the film was shot full frame and REALLY screwed up on camera work,then ok, i guess i can live with that......yet there is a French dvd that is in 1:85......does anyone know wether this is a matted transfer or is there actually some picture info on the sides that are cropped severly in 1:33??
    As long as the dvds(remastered +) in widescreen and uncut,thats all that matters... a commentary would be great though!
    If it turns out to be just a matted transfer,then theres no real need for it since the movie will look even worse than it already my's like watching the P&S version of The Good,The Bad & The Ugly though without the panning or scanning,either way, yuck!!
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    It seems to me that Trimark(i.e. Lion's Gate) is no longer doing unrated cuts on video. Recent evidence includes Return Of The Living Dead III and The Convent, which ended up with MPAA trims and an R rating. I don't get this at all. For a label that you could count on to release uncensored films, they've really blown it now. I've emailed them several times in the last year and they've never answered on this issue. I guess the Moral Majority that seems to run most of the major studios have taken over here, too. I, for one, have stopped buying their product for this reason.
    Imagine how ghastly it would be for them to re-release Peter Jackson's Dead Alive in its worthless R-rated incarnation!
    Sad to say, but if this is the case, we can kiss the unrated version of The Doom Generation goodbye.
  3. Christina_V

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    Yeah....studios are really starting to wuss out and don't even give a crap about the director's vision anymore.
    Thanks alot Crapbuster,HollyDud,Stale-Mart ect ect and all the other no lifes blaming every little thing on movies and music & the people who are dumb enough to give in to there worthless,conservative threats!
    Guess i'll just have to stick with the film in it's current.....uncut,but badly framed state.......then once i find a region free player.....check out the frech dvd,which better be uncut and find out wether the film really was filmed this way or if there is a actual widescreen edition properly framed out there!!
    & i'll also not support any studios that continue this least i'll save some $$ then[​IMG]
    Your'e loss studios!!!!

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