Toshiba H4000 TiVo/DVD Player made my Sony 755 look like crud!

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Tom Boucher, Mar 19, 2004.

  1. Tom Boucher

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    I bought a new TV (Toshiba 30" HDTV) for downstairs and then picked up the Toshiba TiVo H400 DVD/TiVo DVR for it. Since the TV is backordered I hooked it up to my Sony 57" HDTV Projection screen upstairs just to set it up and check it out.

    The only thing I did was unplug the cables (CatCables) from the Sony and into the TiVo.

    I put in the new Looney Toons: Back in Action because it was nearby from my latest box of DVDs I just got and put it in.

    After about 15 seconds of the Movie starting I looked at my wife and asked her if it was just me, or did this look freakin awesome compared to my Progressive scan 755 Sony we've had since we got the TV in August 2002.

    She said she didn't want to say anything but she thought it looked amazing.

    I've looked all over my Sony 755 now and the little switch on the back is set to progressive and the menus are set to progressive, but it's like night and day compared to anything we've watched on the Sony since we got it.

    Have DVD players changed *that* much in 1.5 yrs or did my Sony ever work right and I just now figured it out? At the moment we're thinking of getting another H400 so we can watch real movies upstairs on the big system.
  2. Ed St. Clair

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    18 months is a 'lifetime' in DVD terms.
    It will be interresting to hear for other 755 owners.
    TiVo & video upgrade, COOL!
  3. Jeremy_Watson

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    I'm curious in this player and may purchase one in the next few weeks. Does anyone else own one and/or have any opinions on it?


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