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The Prisoner sets 1,3,4 for trade(and other DVD's) (1 Viewer)

Bob Morgan

Stunt Coordinator
Jun 14, 1999
The Prisoner set#1-viewed once
The Prisoner set#3-still sealed
The Prisoner set #4-still sealed
Thunderbirds-set#1-viewed once
Thunderbirds set#2-viewed once
Django/Django Strikes Again-viewed once-insert warped or something
Nosferatu A Symphony Of Horror-viewed once
Tenebre-viewed once, but bought from someone else
A couple of R2 titles- Armour Of God(Hong Kong Legends) region 2-viewed once on PC
Once Upon A Time In China(Hong Kong Legends)-viewed once on PC.
Some PC games for trade also-
Diablo 2 for PC
The Longest Journey for PC
Age Of Empires 2- Age Of Kings for PC
Century Of Warfare(The Operational Art Of War) for PC
All games are Original-no CDRs-
My want list
Neon Genesis Evangelion collections 6 and 8
Gasaraki vol 3 thru 8
Blue Submarine No.6 1 thru 4
Fushigi Yugi : Suzaku (will add cash)
Fushigi Yugi: Seiryu Box (will add cash)
Blood Spattered Bride
Torso(Anchor Bay?)
The Kingdom (Lars Von Trier)
Audition(Japanese Horror-I think it's only R3)
I Spit On Your Grave(for the wife :) )
email me at [email protected]
Be aware that I work double shifts, so if I don't get back to you don't think I'm ignoring ya!
Look me up at eBay username smokedragon- I have 199 positives- no negatives.
Thanks for looking.
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