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    Dec 29, 2000
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    I mistakenly posted a "thank you" in the AVS forums when, in fact, it was here where I learned about mattes. Thanks to your help and ideas, I have been enjoying widescreen movies on my 36-inch Toshiba direct view TV for several months. What a difference the mattes make!! I used Avia to calibrate and then made some foamboard mattes attached with Velcro. The results are amazing!!! Can't bear to watch anything in P&S anymore. And am hoping premium movie channels we receive via DishNetwork will offer more OAR movies. So far, it's mostly AMC and TCM that make these available. A few show up on HBO no and then. Of course, watching our growing collection of DVDs in widescreen is the ultimate. As a 61-year-old is now enjoying home entertainment as it should be enjoyed, thank you HTF for your help, guidance and encouragement. Thought the Yamaha DD 5.1/DTS sound experience was the icing on the cake. Now, I believe it's the mattes! Thank you.
    David Baird
    Catlin, Illinois
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    Steven Simon
    Isn't this a great hobby we have.... Very rewarding and fun!!!
    Wait until you catch the Upgrade Fever......
    It puts a dent in your wallet big time!!! [​IMG]
    Steven R. Simon
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    Nice to see another Home Theater Forum member in the same "neighborhood". Maybe we could get together some time and talk home theater.
    Welcome to the hobby/obsession of Home Theater.

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