Sony vpl-hs20 front projector problems!!

Discussion in 'Displays' started by fred garvin, Nov 25, 2005.

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    has anyone had any wierd and chronic issues with this projector (Sony vpl-hs20 front proj). My in laws have sent this thing back to sony twice. The bulb burns out in like 200 hours tops. They maintain this thing well and keep the filters clean as a whistle. this has even been noted by the first Sony tech that looked at it.

    also, the memory stick slot for JPEGs dont work either. My inlaws are wondering if this is a unique situation or a chronic problem, just so they know how to handle this if the unit isnt fixed in the second go around

    Thanx guys
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    Since the official policy has been Factory Service Only, you might not find many servicers with actual hands-on experience with these. This leaves anecdotal info and feedback from the Factory Service (which can be heavily censored).

    That said, there are usually two reasons for premature lamp failure.
    1:A bad high voltage power supply (often called a "ballast"). This should have been replaced by the Factory (paperwork might show it -- or not). Servicers almost always replace these on microdisplay RPTV's when early lamp failure occurs.
    2:Operational problems. These include turning the set on and off as though it was a TV; power interruptions and fluctuations; lack of ventilation; excessive movement (especially when hot). Things that don't bother a TV much but can kill PJ's.

    Again, I don't have first hand experience with the Memory Sticks but I understand that they can be picky about size and formatting. They should try various resolutions and smaller size sticks (32Mb or smaller).

    I don't browse the Sony PJ threads very much, but there will be far more knowledgeable people than I around, but possibly on other forums.

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