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4K Home Projector and “Elevated Standard” AV Receivers Launch

Alongside U.S. Debuts of True Sony Innovations

INDIANAPOLIS, Sept. 7, 2011 (CEDIA Booth #1803) – Today, in advance of the 2011 CEDIA Expo, Sony Electronics unveiled a variety of ground-breaking products designed to deliver an integrated and immersive home entertainment experience. From audio/video receivers and televisions to speakers and projectors – Sony’s CEDIA exhibit runs the gamut from A/V, HD, 3D and beyond.
“We came to CEDIA to reinforce our commitment to being the leading provider of quality entertainment solutions for the high-end and custom install channels,” said Mike Abary, senior vice president of Sony Electronics’ Home Division. “Sony’s Elevated Standard (also known as ES) line and the other new products on display at the show epitomize innovation, quality, and style, and also highlight Sony’s legacy in this channel. We’re also adding resources to support our leading service programs and working with channel partners to provide dedicated support and training that no other company can match.”

Groundbreaking first in home projection

Sony introduced its first home theater front projector capable of displaying stunning 4K images. The top-of-the-line VPL-VW1000ES 4K home theater projector model is specifically designed to meet the needs of custom installers, and its capabilities will deliver entertainment enthusiasts a more immersive, engaging visual experience with over four times the resolution of HDTV.

With 2,000 ANSI-lumens of brightness, the VPL-VW1000ES projector delivers nearly twice the output of previous Sony home theater projectors, making it suitable for screen sizes up to 200 inches diagonally. The VW1000ES model also employs an entirely new SXRD 4K panel, which produces outstanding deep black levels, and when combined with Sony's Iris3 technology, the projector can achieve an incredible 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast.

In addition to supporting 4K native resolution, the VW1000ES projector also features an exclusive 4K “upscaler” that dramatically enhances all content - SD or HD, 2D or 3D - allowing viewers to see 4K playback, even from their existing media libraries. For greater versatility, it can also display Full HD 3D movies, as well as 2D and 3D anamorphic films. For Full 4K 3D, an integrated IR transmitter drives the projector’s TDG-PJ1 active shutter 3D glasses.

The VW1000ES projector offers a variety of installations options, including dual triggers, a 2.1 motorized zoom, expanded throw distances, an RS232 interface, control over IP and compatibility with leading home automation systems.

The introduction of the VPL-VW1000ES complements Sony’s full line of home theater front projectors. Introduced earlier this summer, the VPL-HW30AES 3D front projector for the home has been critically acclaimed as an impressive step forward in performance in its class, packing a punch beyond its accessible price of just $3,699.99. Last week, the VPL-VW95ES home theater front projector, debuted at IFA in Germany. This mid-level home projector joins Sony’s expansive range of SXRD projectors, and offers another option for cinemaphiles outfitting high-tech theater rooms.

Because sound matters more than ever

Both of Sony’s new AV receivers in its ES line-up feature a new and more convenient activity-based user interface that includes an easy set-up wizard. Both the STR-DA5700ES and STR-DA3700ES AV receivers incorporate Faroujda 1080p upscaling and a variety of networking options, including built-in apps for both iOS and AndroidTM devices.

In addition to ear-pleasing sound, both ES receivers are the first to offer a full range of BRAVIA® internet streaming services, including streaming both music and video content. Consumers can choose streaming options from Sony Entertainment Network, Netflix®, YouTubeTM, Pandora® and other content providers. Furthermore, the STR-DA5700ES supports a variety of audio codecs, including DTS Neo X, offers automatic phase matching and speaker relocation technologies, and delivers DLNA client capability.

Both additions to the ES receiver line will ship in November and are compatible with a full-range of control systems.

The future is now

Sony’s Personal 3D Viewer head-mounted display is the world’s first personal, wearable OLED HD/3D TV. The HMZ-T1 viewer has a unique form-factor that allows users to simply slip the device onto their head and immerse themselves in a virtual theater experience. Announced at IFA last week, the innovative device is designed to deliver an image that appears to be on a theater-size wide screen (750-inch virtual screen from 65 feet away), using miniature720p OLED screens developed by Sony. Displaying high-quality HD video with high contrast and fast refresh rates, the device is capable of enhanced 3D display. The viewer can enjoy a more natural 3D video experience that is completely free of crosstalk since each eye has its own display.

Leveraging Sony’s legacy in top-quality personal audio products, the HMZ-T1 head mount display also delivers virtual surround sound. Sony’s proprietary signal processing technology powers two integrated headphones which bring the equivalent of 5.1-channel sound to accompany the stunning visuals. Available in November, the HMZ-T1 head mount display will retail for about $799. Perfect for the cinema enthusiast or avid gamer, the innovative personal display lets viewers experience 2D or 3D content comfortably for hours on end.

Cutting cords for true multi-room audio

Music lovers can listen to music wirelessly streamed from PC or Sony Blu-ray DiscTM systems with the stylish SA-NS500 Wi-Fi® Network Speaker, the latest addition to Sony’s growing HomeShare line of networked audio, multi-room audio products. This speaker delivers amazing sound and synchronizes music in other rooms by adding multiple HomeShare speakers and using Party Streaming™ playback. Consumers can use their iPhone®/iPod touch® or Android™ phone as a remote control for the system by downloading a free, newly redesigned Sony remote control app. The battery powered SA-NS500 networked audio speaker is fully wireless and portable, providing up to 6 hours of music playback with each charge, and adds Apple AirPlay compatibility for the first time. Available in November, the SA-NS500 will retail for $399.

The year’s best LED LCD HDTV stretches even larger

Ideal for custom installations, select BRAVIA® LED LCD televisions are on display; demonstrating Sony’s Intelligent Peak LED Backlight full-array local dimming for deeper blacks and improved brightness in lighter scenes, creating incredible on-screen contrast, while Sony’s OptiContrastTM panel elevates the picture to the front surface of the TV and creates a dark background for a high-contrast picture even in well-lit rooms. With a rear IR-input and a two-way RS232c connection, it offers easier integration with third-party control systems.

The universe of content, at your fingertips

Sony’s Internet Television, model NSX-GT1, the world’s first Internet TV powered by Google TV, is the perfect marriage of television and the internet, an all-in-one device with one easy-to-use remote control. With the advantage of software updates being released dynamically over-the-air, customers benefit by always have the latest and best user interfaces. Sony’s CEDIA booth provides a preview of coming changes to the Google TV platform, as well as an introduction to the long-awaited AndroidTM App Market.

Sony’s CEDIA booth not only showcases innovative, cutting-edge, world’s first products, but also demonstrates the company’s continued commitment to both high-end home entertainment enthusiasts and the dedicated custom installers who service them. Sony’s custom install service programs are designed to help facilitate custom installers as they build sustainable, long-term relationships with consumers and businesses. As Abary concluded, “This formidable line-up of ES and home entertainment products demonstrates how Sony innovation continues to play a central role in the media rooms of today, and shapes the home entertainment experiences of the future.”
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Hmmm, I thought I read that the 95 will have the lens memory feature that the Panasonic currently employs but I don't see mention of that feature here in this press release for the 1000 4k projector. I wonder if any of you Cedia folk can check on this feature.

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They didn't announce pricing on the new 4K VW1000ES projector, we will hopefully find out later this week. It is slated for a late December release. They said it was built from the ground up for home use.

Please note that this was a designer mock-up so there were no input jacks. Expect the production models to look very similar:

VPL-HW30AES, VW1000ES, and VPL-VW95ES:

We just got a brief look at the new Sony receivers. The Netflix and Yahoo streaming is a first for an AVR. They best feature and one I would like to see included in more models is a four port switch. With more and more devices requiring eithernet connectivity (gaming console, AVR, Blu-ray, etc) this is a useful addition.


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the price of the new sony 4K projector is going to be $25K retail. i went to the CEDIA expo and saw this projector in the Sony booth. it looked terrific. bright, detailed, accurate. they did a demo showing split screen side-by-side images of regular 1080p vs. 2K, and yes, virginia, the 2K x 4K image was definitely better. more detail more color. the amazing fact to me, is that Sony shrunk all the stuff into a small package that weighs only 44 pounds. if you remember, the original 4K projectors were the size of a snowmobile......

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We installed a Sony 4k projector in our UK showroom last month. Over the last 20 years we have installed many £30-£100,000 projection systems and the new Sony simply blows them away. With such a small pixel you can have a huge screen without seeing any pixellation or line structure. Here you can see a 4.5m screen with the same content from both a Runco VX44D Cinewide that costs over £80k compared to the Sony which cost £16.8k here in the UK. http://www.geckohomecinema.com/1080p-vs-4k.html

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