"Soft, Normal, or Fine" for picture mode on Panasonic RV80 (or any other DVD player)

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  1. Dave H

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    Aug 13, 2000
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    I have a Pansonic RV80 DVD player on a Sony KP-61V80 TV. I have been experimenting a bit with the "Picture Mode" option on the RV80. Selecting "soft" mode means the picture won't have as much detail, but a bit smoother picture with fewer artifacts; "fine" mode means the picture will be sharper with better details, but a few more artifacts (and edge enhancement on movies) will be more visible; selecting "normal" is basically a middle ground between the other two.
    I have always kept it at "normal" but while watching Phantom Menace tonight I switched between all different modes at various scenes and think that the "fine" mode was the best, overall. Moderately more detail was visible even though a touch more grain and a jaggie or two more was visible. This mode seemed to give the best image just because I could see so much more detail and what appeared as better resolution (though technically it's not).
    I'm curious to see what other movies look in this "fine" mode and whether it's worth changing the mode to certain movies.
    What have your results been with this?
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    I leave mine on fine all the time and I believe that is what Obi recomended as well

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