Singiin in the Rain EE Mystery?

Discussion in 'DVD' started by RobertR, Jul 7, 2003.

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    This has become a mystery that's bugging the hell out of me. I know from David Boulet's posts that there's no bigger opponent of EE than him (and no bigger proponent of DVD picture quality in general). He says he didn't see EE on this DVD on a front projector. Other reviews don't seem to mention it.

    But it's glaringly obvious on my HTPC driven NEC XG135LC. I know what EE looks like, and what its absence looks like (such as MGM's Casablanca disc or Paramount's Braveheart disc). I decided to double check on my Denon DVD-2900, connected to my 27 inch TV. Very noticeable there too. What could be going on? Could there be such a thing as a bad copy with EE??
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    RobertR, contrasting reviews are commonplace on the internet (or magazines for that matter) i have watched several movies on dvd that fail to mention problems like EE or pixelation. It's confusing because some reviewers rate the picture quality by how its shot by the director and others make a note of artefacts both film and digital.
    By the way i can't really detect any EE on my copy of 'Singing' but then again i am watching on a 28 inch tv. Having said that i can tolerate EE much more than compression pixels dancing about the screen!

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