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Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by Jeff G, Dec 11, 2003.

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    Hey guys,
    Am building my HT and need to find some surrounds. I would like to wall mount them at ~6-7' up and behind (~3') the main listening position. I would like to get a dipole/bipole speaker for a more diffuse sound. The room is large- 20'x22' with 9' ceilings. I am using a 5.1 setup. My current gear is:
    -paradigm Studio 20s
    -paradigm Studio center
    -paradigm PS2200 sub
    -marantz SR18 receiver
    also have a HK Signature 5x100wpc amp that I could use to drive the surrounds and take some pressure off the marantz.

    -The studio ADPs are a bit too pricey, even used they are ~$650. Not sure about lower paradigm lines.
    -PSB Image 10- factory second ~$450
    -Energy Connoisseur CR3- from "hooked on tronics" ~$480
    -Mordaunt Short MS506 from "Accessories4less" ~$475
    -Mirage OMR2 ~$400-500
    Not too familiar Axiom and Rocket stuff. The Rockets look too $.

    Thanks for any input/suggestions.
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    Oct 2, 2003
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    Given that the rest of your speakers are all Paradigm, it makes sense to stay with the line. I know I've seen ADPs on Audiogon for under $500. If you're not entirely opposed to direct radiating, you could try the monitor line from Paradigm, I'm pretty sure they have models that would be small enough to fit on a wall and under $500. You might even be able to find a pair of used Ref 20s for under $500. My own personal favorite for surrounds would be the Triange Titus 202 ($500 retail). They are ported to the front, and not overly large, and I think they sound great - a good match for my Hales in the front...but, I'm not sure how they would sound with paradigm's...your best bet is to take some different ones out on loan and see how they fit with your system. Keep in mind that there really isn't that much information in the rears, they really just give movies a better sense of space (5 channel audio is a different story). If you're turning around while you're watching the movie, you've picked the wrong speaker.

    Good Luck.


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