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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Dean L, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. Dean L

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    Ok, I was thinking about updrading my almost 10 year old Pro Scan 27 incher (I know, lame, behind the times and it still works fine) to a HD WS 34 inch tube. But bigger is better, some questions,

    1) my veiwing distance is only 7 feet away from the TV, the Samsung HL-R4266W 42 inch DLP looks very appealing, and probaly the largest I should go, would a 42 incher be too big (aka seeing scan lines) for my distance

    2) I always hear a tube TV will always produce a better picture, but (minus the bigger size) will picture quality be a huge improvement on the Samsung DLP over my old school Pro Scan tube? (majority of my viewing will be for DVD's, Video Games, and even Laserdiscs)

    3) I will of course hook up my DVD player and video game systems to my Marantz pre-amp to decode material in DD, DTS, and DPL. I have heard with some DLP sets the audio and video will not be in sych when this is done...WTF??? Is this true, and is the Samsung one such set?

    Any answers to my questions would be moocho appreciated, and feel to post any other comments about the Samsung HL-R4266W.

  2. PeterTHX

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    Count me as someone NOT on the DLP bandwagon.

    For starters, 7 feet from a 34" digital TV is a decent viewing distance.

    Scan lines are pretty much irrelevant with a digital TV, be it DLP or otherwise. You might pick up some pixel structure, but that's about it. What you will see is more detail in DVD and HDTV programs.

    DLP is projection. It also has a color wheel. A 34" digital tube will have much better black level, better colors, and a much sharper image. (assuming you get a good one). No rainbow or flicker either.

    It will be a HUGE improvement from your ProScan.
  3. Brian Osborne

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    Sep 2, 2005
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    A nice place to start is about 1.4 times the diagonal for HD and 1.8 times the diagonal for SD.

    42" HDTV you would be fine at 7 feet. You would REALLY have to be looking hard to see scan lines in a moving picture there.

    The newer DLPs are really tough to pickup the rainbow effect, even when you are trying to see it. The black levels are going to be better on CRT, but if you have any light control in the room, I think you'd be hard pressed to warrent the difference in wieght and size alone.

    I looked hard at the DLP rear projection, but settled on a projector in stead.

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