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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Matt*B, Mar 19, 2005.

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    Hey all,

    . I hope this is the right forum section.....

    I want to easily stream audio from my computer to the different radios in my house (one at a time, depending on what room I am in at the moment). Now, I have a FM wireless transmitter from a few years ago - and I figured that, as long as the range allows, this should be a simple solution (it's just online talk radio that I am streaming). Now, my problem is -- I know that if I hook the transmitter to the headphone jack, that it will definitely send the audio, however, that will cut the "regular" sound from coming out of my computer speakers, in which case I would have to unplug the unit from the back of the computer every time I wanted the regular sound back to my computer. That will be a pain since it's a desktop in an enclosed desk-type deal.

    So, what other "jacks" are on the back of standard sound cards (I have a laptop, and I am putting this in a friend's desktop - so I am not familiar with the jacks) that would allow the audio to come out of the speakers normally while being input to the device at the same time? Is there a normal “audio out” besides the headphones that won’t cut the main sound off? In other words, I want the audio feed from the computer going into the wireless device -- but I also want the regular sound from the computer speakers at the same time.....

    Wow, that was way long for a simple question....haha.. Thanks in advance!!

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    Piece of cake. See if you can find a 1/8” mini stereo splitter at Radio Shack. You could plug it into the computer and one side of it to your computer speakers. For the other side, us a converter cable with 1/8” stereo mini on one side and two RCA’s on the other. That will get the signal into your transmitter.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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