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  1. Tim M

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    Jan 11, 2001
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    hi everyone,i have an onkyo 787 it is about six months old.
    when i put on the phantom menice dvd it doesnt go into dolby digital sorround ex or or thx surround ex it just stays at dolby d or thx cinema.
    it will decode dts es (gladiator) fine and all the sub menu parameters are set to auto decode.
    i called onkyo service and they said some dvd are not flaged and if there was sound coming out of the back speakers not to worry about it.
    so far i have tried phantom menace,terminator 2 ultimate edition, toy story 2 and seven ultimate edition with no luck.
    if anyone has any input or advice because i am not happy with what onkyo had to say .
  2. Chuck Kent

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    May 29, 1999
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    Tim: Onkyo gave it to you straight. While I don't know which DVDs have the flag and which ones don't, the bottom line is that many don't. Onkyo gave you the best advice, which is to make sure your receiver is setup to play 6.1, flag or not.
  3. Brett DiMichele

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    Sep 30, 2001
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    Correct me if I am wrong here but my 787 will not go into
    THX-EX Automaticaly reguardless if the DVD is flagged or not.
    I have to manualy set it to THX-EX (which works on DD/DTS only)
    You could have it set up in the OSD that when it detects a
    DD or DTS soundtrack to auto set the listening mode to THX-EX
    If it's only playing THX-Cinema on DVD's that you KNOW are
    DD/DTS encoded then I suggest you check your DVD player to
    make sure it is set to digital out rather than just PCM out.
    Also make sure you have the digital input assigned in the 787
    to auto detect both DTS and DD.
    hope that helps.
    Brett DiMichele
    My Home Theater Site!
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