Problems with my SECOND new Toshiba.....please read.

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Jay_Via, Jan 12, 2006.

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    Hi all, quick rundown on what has taken place so far.

    - Bought a Toshiba 57H94 at HHGregg in early Dec. Shortly after getting and getting it all hooked up, i noticed a very loud hum from the power supply, whether the tv was on or off. HH Gregg agreed to exchange it for another one, no problem.
    - Second 57H94 was delivered in late December, and i had it for about a week before leaving on vacation for awhile. I noticed, but didnt really have time to mess with, that the tv appeared to have a reddish tinge to the blacks, but only at the edges of the screen (left/right). After returning home, i messed with the tv a bit more and continued to see the same problem.

    Picture this: an egg shaped area of perfect colors/blacks/whites in the middle of the screen, with the edges having a reddish tinge. It only appears to be affect either black or dark backgrounds, everything else appears to be fine.

    I spoke with an ISF tech that lives about 15 min away from me over email and he said that it was more than likely some type of grayscale issue, and would be resolved with calibration....though he was unsure as to why it was only on the edges, and not uniform throughout the screen.

    I called HH Gregg and spoke with a sales manager and explained him the whole situation. I told him that with all the problems i had, i wanted to return the tv and get a refund on my money. He said he would have to check with a regional manager, which he did. He called me back and said they could refund the money but would require a 10% restocking fee ($149). I called their corporate office and they gave me the same line, essentially.

    So what should i do now? I can either have my brand new tv serviced, exchange it for ANOTHER H94, or return it and get a different tv.

    My goal for buying this TV was to have something HD that was relatively cheap that could get me by until i finish my theater room in the basement (Aug 06), and then could continue to use in my living room.

    Sorry its so long, but i would REALLY appreciate any thoughts/comments or opinions on what i should do now. Ill probably be heading down to HH Gregg tomorrow (Fri) morn to see what else theyve got.
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    Cut your losses. return the display.

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