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    Thank you Paramount for The Saint film on DVD! I'm a big fan of the film and really enjoyed the director's commentary you included on the disc. In the commentary the director, Phillip Noyce, mentioned an alternate ending for the film was shot as well as screened. It seems equal positive response was given for both the released ending as well as the alternate ending version of the film. Mr. Noyce also states he was unsure if he picked the correct ending to be released. He also went on to speculate that perhaps the other version of the film would be released sometime in the future.

    I believe this would be a great idea for Paramount to release a special edition of The Saint on dvd with both endings. Clearly The Saint has held up as being a popular title in Paramounts catalogue and deserves this recognition. I have come across several Paramount DVD ads which continue to advertise this film along with others. This is a popular DVD title.

    Paramount please consider releasing a special / alternate edition of The Saint. Thank you.
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    I would also like to see a re-release of The Saint with the alternate ending.


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