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Panny BD35k - audio drop-out? (1 Viewer)

Shane Kelley

Oct 5, 2005
Greetings and Happy Holidays, HTF!

Quick question for the gang. I purchased the BD35k Thanxgiving weekend, and have it hooked up as follows:
- HDMI video to Samsung 50" DLP, 1080p (audio disabled)
- Optical cable (6') to converter/converter to coaxial (6') receiver input (no optical input on the receiver)

So, I've only had a chance to watch Dark Knight BR all the way through, and a few minutes in there was the briefest (1 second max) of drops in audio. Never happened again, and when I went back to the same spot, didn't hear the drop out again.

I've watched the in-movie features, and I had a similar drop out once. Again, went back to the same spot, and it wasn't there, so it's not disc issues.

We watched a standard dvd yesterday, and same thing - one drop out, not reproducible.

Now, I have an XBox360 that I also connect to the converter with optical - I just switch the cable depending on which device I want to use. To my knowledge, I haven't had a similar drop out, but to be honest, I can't say for sure. To be clear, each device has its own optical cable connected - I switch between the two at the converter connection, not between the devices.

So, before I start tearing everything apart or exchange the player, I'm curious if anyone has heard of this before? Is it as simple as a bad cable? I bought the Best Buy brand (Dynex, I think) because I refuse to indulge in Monster's cable scams. There's always the chance I have a bad cable, regardless of brand, but can an optical cable even realistically experience random and infrequent drop outs? Wouldn't there be a consistent problem because of how the cable works?

Anyway, any advice on what to try first would be helpful. I don't have many options with configuration because of the mismatch between optical/coaxial connections (hence the need for the converter).

Thanx in advance!

Leo Kerr

May 10, 1999
It is almost certainly NOT the cable.

If it's not affecting the other optical signal source, it's something in the player (or the disc, but unlikely, that.)

Applying PC-like diagnostics, updating the firmware of the player might help, otherwise, there may possibly be a bad solder-joint or a tin-whisker or something like that causing the intermittent problem...

which are the worst kind, 'cause they're not reliably reproducable, of course.


Shane Kelley

Oct 5, 2005
Thanx Leo - not necessarily what I wanted to hear, but I kind of guessed I might be looking at a problem with the player.

I haven't had a chance to really watch anything since I posted, so I was expecting to do a bit more detailed experimentation this week. I'll play around with the XBox, switch the cables ... anything I can do to rule out (or single out, as the case may be) the player as the problem.

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