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Panasonic RP91 or Microsoft Xbox? (1 Viewer)

Grady Hollums

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Oct 24, 1999
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D.G. Hollums
Here is the reason I even ask:
Next Generation Magazine Life Cycle 2 Vol.3 #8 08/01:
"The Xbox is the only videogame system to support HDTV and Progressive Scan (480p and 720p!) for both gaming and DVD applications. So for your $299 (and a little more for the remote package) you get one of the most capable DVD payers on Earth, and since your xbox has four controller ports, you won't have to keep swapping between the remote and the game controller..."
Well, what do you think?
I was planning on selling my preordered xbox and my PS2 for the Panasonic RP91 DVD player, because my gaming days are coming to an end, but I will not be able to buy a HDTV for another 2.5-3 years from now. So....should I just keep the Xbox and wait to see what the technology for progressive technology settles down to over the next few years and then buy a DVD player (with my HDTV)? OR should I go ahead and sell my PS2 and the Xbox(when it comes out) and buy the Panasonic RP91 that has Progressive output plus the zoom feature for 16x9 TVs?
Besides, For the price of the Xbox it seems to be a good deal, and I would be able to get my last minute gaming out of me so I can focus on movies and just play my games with the computer.
BTW: I apologize in advance if this topic seems like it should not be in the Hardware section, but I am considering the Panasonic very hard right now so I thought people could help me.
ps. The extra money I get from the PS2 if I keep the Xbox would go towards a Denon 3801 or 3802 this Christmas. If I sell the Xbox and PS2 then that money will be going towards the Panasonic RP91.
Thank you all for all the help in advance!!! :)
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Rick Radford

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May 12, 2001
Hi Grady,
I've tossed the Harmon Kardon DVD50 into the consideration kettle with the Panny RP91 now. From what I hear, it's supposed to be the functional equivalent of the RP91 and includes a carousel. I don't believe it does DVD-A though... and at this point, that's not a big deal for me. About the same $$ too.
Any thoughts?
(HK has apparently come up with fixes for the initial bugs in the DVD50).
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Joseph S

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Dec 23, 1999
Go for the RP91 the wait at ecost has been a long one though. I did it and I'm 100% not for Microsoft.

Massimo N

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Oct 23, 2000
Gaming days over NOOOOOOOOO!
While the XBOX looks like it'll be a great game system, I not banking on awsome DVD playback. I do think it'll perfom better than an entry level player. BTW, did you see the connector box? gold plated connectors...a first for console gaming. I'm planning on getting the XBOX, so I'll soon find out if it'll put my DVD-RV30 into retirement.
The 91 has that auto zoom/re-size for non-anamorphic that may be important if you have a 16x9 tv. I want one too, but I've already gone past my upgrade limit this year

Jeffrey Forner

Jun 19, 1999
I say go for the Panny as well and don't use the Xbox for DVD playback. I can tell you firsthand that the RP91 is a great DVD player, and I look forward to seeing how good it can look with a 16:9 TV. I doubt the Xbox will offer DVD playback that is as good since that feature is a secondary function. With the RP91, you know that you are at least getting something that is designed specifically for DVD playback and does it very well.
And besides you should be looking into buying a Gamecube.

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