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Panasonic RP91: Another Great Idea From HTF -Thanks! (1 Viewer)

May 7, 2001
Thanks to all that have posted about how great the Panasonic RP91 is. I have previously listened to reviews on here from those who have purchased an Outlaw 1050, SVS, BetterCables, Klipsch Reference, and been happy with all of my purchases based on those recommendations. So, I just went for 5-for-5 and am still batting perfectly!
My new Champagne beauty showed up on Friday ($466 shipped from etronics.com) and I spent the weekend playing with it. I won't go into much detail about how good the picture is and the sound, as I am not a true expert and simply go by the "I can notice a difference" method. However, the Video IS better even on my 5 year 50" RPTV Mitsubishi. So much clearer.
The main thing that I am ecstatic about is being able to use the 5.1 DTS out to the 5.1 Direct input on the Outlaw and with a touch of a button (6.1) I have DTS AND my center surround sound (granted, it is matrixed, but, it still sounds great). Previously, I had to choose between the center surround w/ DD or DTS w/out. (My last player couldn't decode DTS, only output it) Now, I have it all. DTS Gladiator is much better, period.
The added bonus to this beauty is the DVD-Audio. The first one I tried was Natalie Merchant's Tigerlilly. Even w/o my soon to arrive (hopefully) Outlaw ICBM the sound was incredible. I was actually quite happy with the bass. This turned out to be the wild card with the wife. She isn't that excited about all the upgrades, but, the sound on Tigerlilly made her endorse the upgrade wholeheartedly. This was unexpected, and I recommend it to any of you on the fence. Maybe you will luck out and your significant other's favorite album will happen to be one of the few released on DVD-Audio.
I also thank those of you who recommended the Champagne color. It sticks out completely compared to the rest of my black equipment, but, that's exactly why I like it! It looks so classy.
The only bad thing is that I am now a DVD-Audio convert and have ordered 5 others already and am now selling my 100+ CDs at $3-$5 a piece in one big sale and now must split the monthly DVD budget with DVD-Audio from now on.
Anyway, I'm sorry I can't give all sorts of fancy exact measurements or terms, but, I can type about my enthusiasm of this purchase. Thanks again!
So what am I getting next because of reviews on this site? hmmmmm....I better start saving.
I look forward to finding out all the other cool things this baby can do.


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Nov 19, 2000
I actually had a change of heart and turned in my champagne for a black one. Either way the aesthetics worked.
As for DVD-Audio selection is rather limited now, I wouldn't give up entirely on DVD-Video "Audio" discs. My entire classical collection of these has been revitalized with this player. I know that by the numbers DVD-Audio is superior, but still Vivaldi sounds fantastic in DVD-Video.
Aug 19, 1999
Did you guys tried digital CD upsampler? I have 3 month old baby, so I can't turn volume up to hear whether it gives any difference. Good thing is that Outlaw 1050 processes upsampled signal properly through digital input. I was trying to get picture where DACs are better in 91 or 1050 but until I could listen at reference volume I cannot say anything. And that DD EX/DTS ES thing through 5.1 input is really working, frankly I like effect better than with 1050 internal decoder.
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