Need list of R2-exclusive classic and foreign titles

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  1. Deepak Shenoy

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    I am going to be ordering a Malata player soon and was wondering if someone had a list of classic and foreign titles that are not available in R1 ?
    I am not interested in recent mainstream titles (most of them are out on DVD already, and even if they are not, I am willing to wait). Of course, these DVDs should meet the usual criteria (good transfer, OAR, anamorphic if widescreen, and English subtitles if in a foreign language).
    I have the following on my list right now :
    Three Colors Trilogy (Artificial Eye, UK)
    Truffaut releases (MK2, France)
    Bergman releases (Tartan, UK)
    Don't Look Now (German)
    Out of the Past (French)
    La Dolce Vita
    Any other suggestions ?
  2. Jeff Kleist

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    Do a search for The Regional DVD FAQ I'm developing in this section. It has links and lists

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