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Need Help with the Sony KP-53HS30 TV (1 Viewer)


Jul 29, 2000
To anyone,

I recently went and purchased the Sony 53" RPTV, model KP-53HS30. When I was looking at it in the store, it looked amazing, the picture was crystal clear, and the sound was perfect. I read many reviews on the web and they wer all positive. I end up purchasing the TV, and when they deliver it, I have the cable company come and hook up my Digital Cable, and then I hooked it to the TV via an S-video cable connection. I turn the TV on and the picture is all grainy and has a slight hint of a fuzz on it. I was sitting there all night, trying to calibrate it correctly, and I can not for the life of me get this picture to look crystal clear. I was hoping that someone in here might know something about this particular model and would know what I need to do to tweak it. I am really getting frustrated now, as I have it on the correct video channel. I dont know if it is the Cable box or the TV. Any help would be much appreciated. I also posted this in the TV Display forum. Sorry for posting it twice. Just trying to get some help.

Allan Jayne

Senior HTF Member
Nov 1, 1998
Is it fuzzy on all channels?
How does the picture look when you connect the DVD player using the same S-video input?
Can you get TV stations over the air and how do they look?
Try a different S-video cord, sometimes these are of lesser quality.
How does the cable TV signal look if you connect the cable box using composite? (Cable boxes tend to have mediocre comb filters so analog channels may look better using the composite out which relies on the TV comb filter instead.)
All this will give you an idea whether the TV signals coming over the cable are poor whcih often happens due to lots of compression to cram hundreds of channels down the able.
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