Need some advice on picking between Toshiba/Sony...

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    Hi, this is my first post here, though I've been a visitor here for quite some time. Here's my problem...

    I'm moving into a new townhouse on Oct. 1 and will be setting up a Home Theater in the finished basement. I've been looking for some time now, and have decided to get a 4:3 HDTV, as I feel it's the wisest choice for me at this time. Here are the two TV's I'm trying to decide between:

    Sony 53" KP-53HS30
    Toshiba 50" 50H72

    I'd like some opinions on these two if possible. I know that the Sony is $2199 and the Toshiba is $1799, but my fiancee works at Sears so I could get the Sony at 20% off, so the price difference is negligible.

    Is one: a lot better than the other, easier to calibrate, less likely to malfunction, better for standard sources such as cable/DirecTV, etc?

    Or is there any other TV you would recommend in this price range for me?

    Finally, I'm moving to Manassas, VA, a short distance from DC. Does anyone recommend a place to get a TV other than the obvious BB/CC/Sears type store? Though unless the prices/service are a lot better, it will be hard to beat the discount I can get through Sears!

    Thanks for any opinions/help given to me.

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    Both tv's will give you an excellent picture I'm sure. With the Sony you'll get a slightly larger picture but less control,calibration, etc. options than you'll get with the Tosh.. I've spent the last year on the debate of which RPTV to get. No-one wants to get ripped a new one, or feel that someone else has it better, for less...I ended up with a Sony KP51HW40. A wide-screen model, but with pretty much the same features as the one you're looking at, and am completely satisfied. I made this purchase approximately a week after I decided on a Toshiba. Impulse and a $700 savings ultimately made my decision...a decision based on a year of research. Take a close look at the features of each tv...this is where your debate will be decided, I believe.
    edit: If my girlfriend worked at Sears I would have give the Hitachis a closer look! Thats a nice picture...

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