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Mitsubishi 52" DLP -- Rear Projection purchase saga (Lengthy Post) (1 Viewer)


Sep 23, 2004
This last week and a half have been quite frustrating my family and I. Originally, we went to BestBuy looking for a rear projection screen for around $2500.00. Ended up looking at a Toshiba for about a half an hour. For the price it would be a nice upgrade from the tube we currently had. But it was quite large and the base contained the speaker system so moving this thing into our basement was going to be a pain no matter how we looked at it. The viewing angles were also severely limited. We turned around and in front of us was the Sony 50" WEGA LCD rear projection TV. This thing blew the Toshiba out of the water. But it was also $3000.00 as opposed to the $2500.00 we planned on spending. Long story short we ended up going with the Sony. Took it home and enjoyed it for about two days before we ran across an ad in the paper from SoundTracks about an LG 52" DLP. The model number skips me right now but it is quite new to the market apparently. The picture was awesome compared to the Sony. And the rep could get the LG for us at the same price we paid for the Sony LCD. Hmmm.....it wasn't that hard of a decision after that. We took the Sony back and got the LG. Once home, we tossed Nemo in. Samsung DVD player via DVI out to the LG DLP. Should be awesome right? Oh my!!! It was like looking at a computer running in 16 bit color. The shading was horrible. Now, I am not in any way a theater specialist, but this picture was just horrible. Tossed any move in after that, same thing. Tried component video, same thing. Tried different DVD player, same thing. Ok.....not happy! I call the rep we dealt with. "Oh there must be something wrong with the XD up-convert engine." I toss the TV back in our trailer, head up to the warehouse that's 20 minutes away, wait for almost an hour for them to fix the paper work that got messed up, and then go home with another one of the same model. Hook it up, this time before taking it to the basement, and WOW.......it's got the same problem. At this point my family and I are just sick of this TV swapping thing. We vow that if we don't find a good this time around when we take the LG back, we won't be getting anything for awhile. We toss this LG back in the trailer and head back to the store. "I'm not happy with this DLP, do you have something with a better picture in the same price range, I like this size, blah blah blah blah blah." We are told that the best DLP out right now is the Mitsubishi. The 52525 specifically. Now at first site, I notice this horrible glare. There is the glass over the screen that is supposed to help black levels. Fine with us, it will be in a basement with one window that is way around a corner. Looking closer, there is a Samsung 50" right next to it. Not as crisp of a picture though. Both of these look nice. What's the difference. Looking closer at the picture. Then looking closer at the stand. Then looking closer at the .......... oh my! There's the difference. The Samsung is nearly a grand less. Ok, so this Mitsubishi is $3999.99. Umm, honey, this is way more than we planned on spending. She honestly did not like the picture of any of them back there. We chated for a bit about it and came to the conclusion that Costco has these type's of TV's. Lets go look at them. Now the main reason for going and checking them out over there was that they have a lifetime return policy of some sort. Hmm, not having to spend 400 to 500 bucks on a service plan would be nice. But, they don't have much. A couple plasma's that don't really have that great a picture and they are smaller than we would like. So we had the guy at SoundTracks price the Mitsubishi for us. He knocked 15% off (The same that the first rep did for our LG.) This equaled an amount close to $522.00. That's a good gesture in my eye's. I also asked him if he could play Nemo on it. That's the only movie we have watched on any of the TV's during all this so I wanted to use that as a comparison. I get a response stating that there is no DVD player hooked up to this one so he would not be able to play it. Hmm, if he really wanted the sale, I bet he could find a DVD player to hook up to it. I did not really think of this at the time though. Turn's out they have one in stock at this store (No going to the warehouse to swap items etc.) We go through with the swap and we head home to check this thing out. At this point, we are well over the original amount we planned on spending but in any case we decide to try it out. Hook it up, toss Nemo in as part of the deciding factor, and bam!.......hey not a bad picture. Now this was over component output. He said it had next generation DVI which is known as HDMI. Please correct me if I got that wrong. So that means that this Samsung DVD player with DVI out that we just purchased is pretty much useless since we already have a Sony player with component out that does fine. Were not too worried about that though. We can take the player back. The fact that we can take the TV back for 30 days also played a roll in us taking it and trying it out. So far we have found the DVD display to be nice across the handful of movies we have tried. We are also impressed with how well standard cable television looks. The best out of all the ones we have tried. I know this is getting long but we do have a couple questions. This HDMI thing. I was told there are no players using it yet but it's the latest thing and they will come. Is this true or am I just confused (very likely.)
Has anyone else had experiences with this display?
If you were in this scenario, would you keep this Mitsubishi DLP or take it back and go with the Sony WEGA LDC rear projection at either 60" for the same price or 50" at $1000.00 less?
Also, this Mitsubishi has a great deal of outputs on it. Besides the video inputs it has firewire out and several other items. Has anyone used these and are they worth the price increase?

Sorry for the long post. Although I feel better now after expressing our feelings. If we do this again, we will surely go about it in a different way. No TV is alike. We were amazed to find such a difference in quality. And higher price does not always necessarily mean better quality. We will also make the rep play a DVD on every single TV we am thinking about buying. It's the least they can do, especially since they are commission. The BestBuy customer service on the other hand was not so hot. I would most likely not buy there again unless I knew exactly what I wanted and did not need advise. My reasoning for that is another story though.

Thanks for your time.


Kenneth Harden

May 13, 2002
Whoa! You need to work on structuring your post! :D

So you have the Mits right now and are thinking about the 60" Sony?

If so, both are good. Technically, the Mits is a better TV, so if you like it, I would keep it. The Sony is a fine unit, but the Mits has more cool stuff on it (like you said)

John S

Senior HTF Member
Nov 4, 2003
You have an HDTV your pretty happy with right now??
Call it done... Enjoy your new display....

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