Kenwood HTB-504, Pioneer HTP-210, or Onkyo HT-S490?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by RobY, Dec 25, 2001.

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    Dec 25, 2001
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    This is my very first post on this forum. I don't know much about HT, but have been lurking the forums for a couple days.

    My wife bought me a Pioneer HTP-210. I'd like to know if I would be better off keeping it or taking it back and getting a Kenwood HTB-504. The Pioneer is lacking S-Video inputs, which I don't need right now but may in the future. I've also heard more positive reviews of the Kenwood system.

    Another thing I've noticed between the two is the higher THD rating on the Kenwood. It shows .7% while the Pioneer is rated at .2%. That seems like a big difference. You would think the sound would be cleaner on the Pioneer but people seem to lean towards the Kenwood more.

    What about the Onkyo? It's half the wattage, but I know Onkyo makes good stuff.

    So what do you guys think? Should I spend the extra $50 or so on the Kenwood, look for an Onkyo, or stick with the Pioneer? I can't afford to go any higher than the Kenwood system and don't really want to build my own system as of yet.

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    Jun 19, 2001
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    Welcome to the htf. Three big reasons to get the Kenwood HTB504:
    1) Dolby Pro Logic 2
    2) SRS Circle Surround
    3) S-Video Switching
    It does not make any difference if the THD is .2 or .7, your ears can't tell the difference.

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