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Jan 25, 2003
Haven't seen it yet either, but my boss just ordered one so I should be able to give a report on it real soon. He just went on last model's reports and took a gamble that the new Sonys really aren't worth the extra money...

Blaine Skerry

Second Unit
Aug 15, 2001
I am also anxiously awaiting delivery of the 30HF83. I had the 34HF83 at home for four days and, while I loved the picture on the set, it was just too big for my TV room. The 30" should be the cat's pajamas. I hope to see some observations from anyone familiar with this set soon.

edit: :frowning: I just got off the phone with my local Toshiba dealer and he said the 30HF83 will not be shipping from Toronto until August 25th. :frowning: :frowning:
Jul 21, 2003
hummm..interesting, a 34 inch too big, that what I was also thinking about the 34hf83. For the price and size of the tube , I think the 30hf83 would be perfect.

Anyways, the new 34hf83 (already in store) with the speakers on the side can't be fitted in my HT furniture.

Using it for a lot of games and DVD music shows,

What is the size of your room???

Blaine Skerry

Second Unit
Aug 15, 2001
Hi Eric. The room itself is big enough but with my equipment rack beside the TV and my floor speakers as well, space is at a premium. The 34HF83 didn't look all that big in my dealer's showroom but it dominated my living room and it is one heavy beast. I just have regular cable TV and I was impressed with how good it looked on the 34". I bet the 30" will seem even sharper, however, it's main purpose will be for watching DVD's and LD's. With a $700 difference in the price of the two TV's, I can stand the wait. I have no choice.

Mark Hamilton

Stunt Coordinator
Mar 16, 1999
Hey guys, I noticed that Future Shop is selling the 34HF83 for $2399.99 with a free progressive scan DVD player. What is the current retail like on the 30" model? Does it include the DVI input that the 34" sports?

I'm very impressed with the 34HF83. I setup a Toshiba progressive scan DVD player on the 34HF83 that we have demoing at work using Monster component video cables and I was very impressed. The DVDs exhibited a little bit of noise, but that was probably due more to the fact that I had the image fairly bright to compete with the glaring store lights. Most discs looked incredible, especially the likes of LOTR, Harry Potter, and Shrek.

Estevan Lapena

Stunt Coordinator
Jun 21, 2003
I saw one at A&B sound in Langley B.C, Canada.
The picture itself looked decent, I didn't have time to really judge it because my eye was on another T.V. The DVD player and DVD they were using wasn't exactly reference material either. But I just wanted to say I have seen the model in stores.

Personally I think its too small for full frame or TV 4X3 content.
Forget the price. Sorry.
Jul 21, 2003
A representative of Toshiba told the retail price will be 1699 $$$$ canadian

The place I go for my electonics dont have it yet....

30HF83 Specifications Back To Top

30 FST PURE® Fine Picture Tube
CrystalScan HDSC™
720p Input Capability
TheaterWide® Modes
Auto Aspect Detection
Invar Shadow Mask
3D Y/C (4 MB, 10 Bit) Digital Comb Filter with Vertical Contour Correction
DFine™ High Speed Advanced Velocity Scan Modulation
Movie and Sports Modes
Dynamic Quadruple Focus
Color Temperature Control (Warm/Medium/Cool)
CableClear™ DNR+
Cinema Mode (3:2 Pulldown Switch)
Wide Band Video Amplifier
MTS Stereo/SAP with dbx®
Double Baffle Speaker System
Sub Bass System (SBS)
33 W Audio (Total)
CYCLONE® Subwoofer System
HD Window™ Multi-Scan POP
Tri-Lingual Icon On-Screen Display
Closed Captioning on Mute
Off/Sleep Timer
Channel Return
Power Return
Noise Muting
Favorite Channel
Channel Lock
Channel Labeling
Video Labeling
Video Lock
Direct Video Input Selection
Individual A/V Settings by Input Type
Speed Tuning
On Timer
PIP Sound
Speed Surf
2-Level Mute
Front Panel Lock-Out
QuickConnect™ Guide
RF Input (2)
Front Panel A/V/S Input
Dual ColorStream® HD Component Video Inputs
Rear A/V/S Inputs (2)
A/V Output (Fixed and Variable Audio)
Variable Audio Output
Center Channel Audio Input
Illuminated Universal Remote Control (4 item)
Unit: 29 ¾ x 21 5/8 x 21 5/8 (W,H,D), 119 Lbs
Warranty: 1 Year Parts/Labor, 2 Years Picture Tube
UPC Code: 022265232170
Optional Stand: ST30W63
Jul 21, 2003
OK guys....

A Finaly go see the 30hf83 tonight, they have it on the floor since yesterday.

I will test it with movies concerts that I am used to see and I will bring one of my gaming console because its one of the reason why I would buy this tube.

The TV will receive 480 progressive signal from my marantz DVD (dv6200) and mostly 480 Progressive from my Gamecube (other consoles are not with component cable)

I read that the TV will Upconvert 480p to 540p, is that a good thing????

Analog upconvert, from 480i to 1080i???? is this true???.

From somewere on the Net:

"Conventional interlaced signals (antenna, cable, VHS/S-VHS VCR, etc.) are upconverted to 1080i by Toshiba's CrystalScan HDSC™ circuitry. Of course, you won't see the depth and dimensionality of a true 1080i HDTV signal, but you will enjoy a smoother, more natural image. For progressive-scan video sources (like a progressive-scan DVD player), you can choose 540p instead of 1080i via the on-screen menu. The result is an effortlessly filmlike image.


I really wish somebody with more exeprience with TV had tested this one because the guy at the store is not really usefull......

Greg Johnson

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 7, 2002
The 30HF83 is in today's American TV Sunday Ad. It's 1188.00 with 2 year 0% interest financing available. American TV is located in the Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison area. I sure would like to put one of these in my bedroom.
Jul 21, 2003
Oh boys, don't know were to start... been one hell of a weekend... I will try to keep it short and PLEASE I really would like to have your opinions.

I bought the 30hf83, I had watched it for 3 days, almost no sleep....with many DVD, PS2 (component), X-box (component), Gamecube (component). My DVD is a Marantz DV6200 connected with a AR master series component cable.

The games are amazing, nothing more to say, unbelivable.

DVD.... well it really depends, I used to watch a lot of concerts on my system but now with my HDTV some of them are really bad...they are all "granny" full of small dots.

Tested it with "gladiator" movie and it was impressive but last night I had rent a french movie named "la turbulence des fluide " and damm it was "granny", open moving camera shots on beach were not precise, blurry, really not the type of image you want to demonstrate your new HDTV.

PLEASE HELP ME , someone used to HDTV, check out this tube and give me your impressions, I had the demo this weekend and they are dropping my the new tube today.


Dec 18, 2000
Make sure you start with the set in 'Movie' mode, then try reducing the Sharpness control and see if that helps the graininess.

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