How to make / buy an attenuator for a Mitsubishi RPTV

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Matt*B, Jun 2, 2005.

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    Hey all,

    I just bought a new Mitsubishi 65" WS-65313. I love it! Now i understand that there is a red-push issue and it can be easily fixed with an attenuator. I hear people talk about this all the time, but i have never actually seen one for sale. Where can you get one for cheap? I have also heard of people making them for around $15 from Radio Shack. Does the homemade one work just as well? I heard that these are the parts form radio shack needed:

    15-678,278-276 and 278-253 plus a Coax cable and a female/female Coax cable adapter. is that correct?

    Does this have any bad effects on the TV? Does it require further tweaking? Or can i technically just hook this up to the red component cable and be set?

    I hope all of this info coming together in one post will help others as well....


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    Is this one of the Mits units where the red color decoder is not in the service menu?

    If it is in the SM ... just go there to fix the red push.

    The attenuator is a duct tape solution ... as it only works on one input unless you build many of them.

    They also only address the red saturation portion of the image and not the screwed up red tint that also needs adjusting.

    I used to build these for clients with the Rat shack parts. Took about 3 minutes to do it. The time it took to open the three packages and screw the three items together.


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