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First of all, this question doesn't really have to do with Amazon Prime. It has to do with AMC+. But the board wouldn't let me submit a post in this forum without attaching a "prefix" to it, and AMC+ is not an option. So I just went with that. I'm sorry if this is incorrectly labelled; I've never been required to add a prefix before.

I want to watch the Rocky films.

The last time I checked, they were available on HBO Max. They aren't there anymore when I just looked, so HBO's license for them expired. Because Amazon owns MGM now, I went over there to see if they might be included with the Prime subscription. They are not. I can either rent them or watch them with a free trial of AMC+. Amazon is offering AMC+ through them as an add-on channel, or I'm guessing I could just go to AMC+ directly too.

I know that AMC, the on-air network, presents movies with commercials, sometimes in a modified aspect ratio, and sometimes edited for TV. That's why I don't watch movies on AMC. If we were talking about TCM, I would have no problem with that, but unfortunately that's not where they're located right now. I scrolled past Back to the Future Part III once and remember them cutting out the scene where Marty gets peed on. I think they edited Marty saying that Buford is "an asshole" and changed it to "jerk."

Does anyone know how AMC+ app presents films? I know it is the on-demand streaming app that is associated with the AMC network. Because it is streaming, I'm not sure if the movies there are subject to the edits that might appear on cable TV.

I've never had a trial of AMC+, so I'd be willing to take one now to watch the Rocky movies...if they would be presented unedited and in their correct aspect ratios, like they were on when they were on HBO Max. If they're edited in any way to reflect a broadcast version of those movies, that's not how I want to see them.

So: does anyone have any experience with the AMC+ app and can you speak to the kind of presentations they typically do for their acquired catalog films? Thanks.

Edit: Shortly after posting this, I found the first five Rocky films on Netflix. This leaves Rocky Balboa as the only one I would have to use AMC+ for. I'd still like to know how their films are treated, though.

It's funny that MGM (owned by Amazon) has licensed the Rocky series to Netflix. I would imagine at some point when the contracts run out, Amazon is going to want to move as much of the MGM library to Amazon Prime as possible.
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