How many of you are using an X Box and what for?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Richard Gray, Jun 26, 2002.

  1. Richard Gray

    Richard Gray Stunt Coordinator

    May 16, 2002
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    I thought I would ask this as part of my HT upgrade path.

    Several print and web based review sites reported the Microsoft X Box as a decent DVD Player. Does anyone use it as a primary DVD Player? If so what are your experiences?

    Since the XBox has some excellent games it might have found its way into a few of your systems. What do you think of it as a gaming system. I have read on some of the computer gaming sites that they love it's graphics, but that the games are overpriced and considered shallow when compared to the PC's best offerings.

    How does the XBox product integrate into your systems, and have you encountered any problems?
  2. Duane_T

    Duane_T Stunt Coordinator

    Jul 30, 2001
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    Richard, I've only had mine for two weeks, but here's what I see:

    1. Games

    The box may have less titles than the PS2 but there are more and more, and I've really liked everything I've played (or am playing) so far [Halo, JSRF, Morrowind, Hunter and others]. Every console is going to have games only for it, but most are going to two or three systems, so 'just' an XBox is good for me. Plus, there are some XBox-only titles that I really want to play. And I have to say I really love games in 5.1, sitting in the recliner.

    2. DVD

    I haven't even had time to try it yet. I am assuming its not the best (probably not the worst), but maybe someone else can go into more detail on that. Also, try a search in the Video Game Hardware section.

    3. Music on the hard drive

    I've just begun adding some of my music to the hard drive, mainly for parties and things - I'm hoping to keep intoxicated people away from my CD player without having to keep an eye on them.

    I traded in my PS2 for the XBox and so far am very happy I added it to the rack.
  3. Arthur Legardo

    Arthur Legardo Second Unit

    Jul 21, 1999
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    Duane, how do you transfer music to the hard drive and in what format are they in?
  4. Dave F

    Dave F Cinematographer

    May 15, 1999
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    Music is copied directly from the original CD to the hard drive, and stored as WMA's.

    It's an ok DVD player. Better than the PS2's, but not as good as a dedicated DVD player for the same price.

  5. Bob McElfresh

    Bob McElfresh Producer

    May 22, 1999
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    I use my XBox as both a game system and a bedroom DVD system and I am quite happy with the unit.
    For $199 - its a great combo for a budget HT system. But you must add:
    $35 for the "DVD" pack with remote and dongle
    $25 for the Monster SVideo or Component cable
    $20 for the add-on cable to send DD signals to the receiver.
    So that brings the price up to about $275 before tax. But you get both a DVD player and a game system.
    Yes, the games are usually $49. Some of the older titles I have seen as low as $30. I tend to do a 5-day rental and have gone through several good titles that were fun, but I did not feel worth buying. (And I can always re-rent later. The XBox saves my games).
    (Halo is a must-buy however) [​IMG]
    Some of the local video stores are now renting XBox so check around. You might be able to plunk down $20 and give the game side a workout for a few days.
    PS: We have an entire fourm dedicated to Video Game Hardware, and another to Video Game Software. So jump over to find the more hard-core XBox owners.

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